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Potty training, getting ready?

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Chunkymonkey79 Wed 22-Jul-15 18:46:18

Tried potty section but no replies so trying here for traffic!

My 19 month old has started to do a few things that are making me wonder if she is making small steps to starting potty training?

- shouts 'nappy' after having a poo and goes over to the area I keep changing supplies

-if she hears somebody having a wee in the toilet she shouts wee wee, and has done it randomly on occasions where she might have been weeing? (Just a thought)

-only poos at home now, cries with tummy ache when we are out. Poos as soon as we get home. Literally within minutes of getting in.

-will now only poo in a dry nappy in the morning. After 12 hours in bed and a pretty soggy nappy she seems to wait until she is in a clean one, then poos straight away.

It just seems like she is very aware of what is going on with toilet related things where a few weeks ago she was oblivious and carried on as normal where ever we were! I am in no rush at all, would prefer to wait until she is able to communicate a little more but i just wondered if anybody is familiar with signs like these! And what would you do?

CrohnicallyAspie Wed 22-Jul-15 18:56:49

With it being summer, I'd let her run around outside with no nappy on as much as possible, buy a potty or toilet seat and ask her if she'd like to sit on it when you go to the toilet or when you change her nappy.

Chunkymonkey79 Wed 22-Jul-15 21:02:31

Thanks! Great ideasmile

Writerwannabe83 Wed 22-Jul-15 21:23:46

My DS is 16 months and me and DH have just bought a potty and we leave it lying around in the living room for DS to play with and investigate.

We used to let DS have loads of naked bottom time and he always knew when he was going to have a wee as he'd stand still, place his legs slightly apart, grab his willy and look at me and then say "uh-oh". He would then start urinating. We've had a lot of accidents to clean up grin

The intention was that next time he indicated he needed a wee we would pop the potty between his legs so he could see the wee go into there and then as the months passed we'd teach him to sit on the potty when he felt the need to urinate.

He is also very regular with his bowel movements and will wait until he's in a clean nappy before he has a poo.

Unfortunately he's having a testicle issue at the moment which has put a temporary hold on the naked bottom time so the potty is now just for playing with grin

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