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To find it odd my childhood friend didn't send friend request on Facebook?

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dingit Wed 22-Jul-15 14:43:56

We are 47. Friends since 7. Went on joint first dates, and still married to them. Each other's bridesmaids.
Lives separated a bit, my dc are a lot older. We rarely see each other, but chat away like old times when we do.
She didn't join until FB until 2014. I know it's silly, but I feel miffed hmm

Shizzy Wed 22-Jul-15 14:44:44

Why don't you send her one?

gamerchick Wed 22-Jul-15 14:44:57

Have you sent her one?

EmeraldThief Wed 22-Jul-15 14:45:21

Have you sent her friends request instead? Maybe she didn't think you were on there?

Anon4Now2015 Wed 22-Jul-15 14:48:28

Maybe she doesn't really use it? Or only uses it for work? Or only to keep track of her kids' accounts? Maybe she doesn't know how to send friend requests and has only added people who sent her one?

In any case have you sent her a friend request? If not then maybe she is equally sitting there thinking "I wonder why Dingit has never sent me a friend request?"

dingit Wed 22-Jul-15 14:48:31

I did send her one. I left it a while to see if she asked first ( childish I knowsmile)
Then I realised I'd missed her wedding anniversary, and sent her request and apology!

dingit Wed 22-Jul-15 14:49:24

She uses it all the time

ebwy Wed 22-Jul-15 14:54:46

nevermind. I watched my brother re-join facebook by seeing who he invited from my friends list. I was asked a week after my friends from uni and my ex husband.

I decided "fuck it" smile

Then my mother got an account... and asked everyone including cousins, my ex husband, and my brother's dogs (yes, they have facebook accounts. No, I didn't see the point either) except me.
So I decided "fuck you"

tbh you have to either decide something similar, or just ask her.

roaringwater Wed 22-Jul-15 14:58:13

I might be missing something here, but why don't you just send her one?

Stealthpolarbear Wed 22-Jul-15 14:59:52

Maybe she uses it for people she's not in regular real life contact with

Raasay Wed 22-Jul-15 15:03:00

I'm confused. Why should she ask you? Why not the other way round?

dingit Wed 22-Jul-15 15:10:03

I asked her, she accepted. She didn't set up her account and ask me straight off, you would think she would, especially as I'm friends with her DH!

Raasay Wed 22-Jul-15 15:16:36

Maybe that's why. My DH were childhood sweethearts, our old schoolfriends often seem to only ask one of us to be FB friends on the basis that we'll see each other's stuff anyway. Which we do.

Loraline Wed 22-Jul-15 15:38:35

But if you've asked her and she's accepted then you're 'friends' on FB. She doesn't need to ask you now. You're linked. Am I missing something?

dingit Wed 22-Jul-15 15:41:06

Because she didn't ask me from setting up her account. I know, I know, I need to get out more smile

Loraline Wed 22-Jul-15 15:44:40

So you ARE friends on fb. You're just upset that you had to ask her instead of her asking you immediately when she joined (since you were already on there).

Yes. Get out more. grin

dingit Wed 22-Jul-15 15:46:17


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