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AIBU to disregard rental property where the last tenant died?

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JobEmma Wed 22-Jul-15 12:59:57

We're looking for a flat to rent and have viewed one that is pretty nice and fulfils most of our requirements. However, the estate agent mentioned that the previous tenant was an elderly lady who passed away there. This has put me off slightly although my DH thinks I'm being ridiculous. Would this put you off a property??

FenellaFellorick Wed 22-Jul-15 13:01:55

not at all.

Most properties that are not new builds will have had at least one person die in them. The older they are, the more people will have died in them.

What are your concerns?

TopCivilServant Wed 22-Jul-15 13:02:00

Ridiculous! Most older houses will have had someone die in them. What do you think will happen? (Ghosts aren't real)

pickingstrawberries Wed 22-Jul-15 13:02:12

No, not at all. Most properties will probably have had someone pass away - it's quite arrogant to assume that the most important thing about that person is their death.

Why not try being pleased she was elderly and that she died at home?

My childhood home was built in 1701 and it had its share of deaths, I imagine, including my mum when I was 14. But I never thought about her dying in the house, just about her living.

SoupDragon Wed 22-Jul-15 13:02:44

Unless you only plan on living in new properties, you can virtually guarantee someone has died in your house.

I think I might feel odd if there had been a murder but otherwise? No.

Iggi999 Wed 22-Jul-15 13:03:15

Unless you want new builds chances are someone will have died. I'm sitting a couple of feet away from where a previous resident died - to die peacefully of old age in your home must be one of the better ways to go.

DieselSpillages Wed 22-Jul-15 13:03:35

depends how she died !

Iggi999 Wed 22-Jul-15 13:04:20

Loving the consensus on this thread! grin

MamaLazarou Wed 22-Jul-15 13:05:52

YABU. What do you think is going to happen?

wreckingball Wed 22-Jul-15 13:06:29

Nope, wouldn't bat an eyelid.

Raasay Wed 22-Jul-15 13:06:50

The previous owner of our house died at home after a long illness. They were relatively young and wanted to die at home with their family.

Doesn't bother me at all. We have previously lived in houses where several people have died.

firesidechat Wed 22-Jul-15 13:06:53

I might find it mildly unsettling, but it wouldn't put me off renting it if it was an otherwise good property. Is it furnished or unfurnished?

Bluetonic123 Wed 22-Jul-15 13:08:45

If you are in London you would be crazy to turn down an affordable flat that ticks all the boxes.

I guess if you are somewhere with a huge amount of decent rental properties and it wouldn't be hard to find something else then there's no point living somewhere you are not happy with for any reason.

I imagine that a lot of places have had someone die in them though.

TTWK Wed 22-Jul-15 13:09:16

OP, you are going to struggle if you ever have to go into hospital, as loads of people will have died in the very room you will be sleeping in! Probably in the same bed.

gamerchick Wed 22-Jul-15 13:10:44

No would and doesn't.

People before me in this house the dude died peacefully in his bed that is now my husbands room.

I didn't care I wanted the house.

Backforthis Wed 22-Jul-15 13:12:25

If the roof fell on her or she was murdered by the neighbours YANBU.

Seriously, if it bothers you this much then you probably wouldn't be happy living there. It might seem silly to other people but if that's what you feel look elsewhere.

BestZebbie Wed 22-Jul-15 13:12:35

YANBU if they were murdered by their neighbour/got trapped by lack of fire exits/died of CO poisoning and the boiler hasn't been looked at since (eg: something which could possibly harm you too).

But otherwise, it won't affect you at all, so YABU.

StarsInTheNightSky Wed 22-Jul-15 13:13:14

YABU. The last owner of our property hung himself in the barn, the barn doesn't have good vibes, not helped by a recent incident of a different nature. I avoid it if possible but it didn't put me off buying it.

ApocalypseNowt Wed 22-Jul-15 13:13:28

Depends what they died of. If it's 'grisly death by axe-murderer who lives in the attic and all attempts to remove him have failed' then yes, i'd give it a swerve. Otherwise i reckon you'd be fine.

Mellifera Wed 22-Jul-15 13:13:36

I have a feeling the previous owner of our house died here. At 92. Doesn't bother me at all. I rather hope he died here as he had no close family, had lived here for decades and loved the house (so the neighbours tell me).

StarsInTheNightSky Wed 22-Jul-15 13:14:04

I should add that we are going to burn the barn down shortly, but DH and I are a bit woo like that, and we live in an extremely superstitious country.

ApocalypseNowt Wed 22-Jul-15 13:16:14

I'm moving into a 100 year old house soon. i'm sure at least one person must have carked it in there. I'm not bothered.

TTWK Wed 22-Jul-15 13:16:51

The last owner of our property hung himself in the barn,

Hanged, not hung!

SoupDragon Wed 22-Jul-15 13:18:21

He probably did it because he was pissed off with the grammar police.

StarsInTheNightSky Wed 22-Jul-15 13:19:03

TTWK hung is correct around here, we're not in the UK so sometimes I forget to translate back, so to speak smile

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