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to ask you to tell me if they ever eat the fecking cake?

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missingmumxox Tue 21-Jul-15 00:14:35

That's it, I need to know!

LindyHemming Tue 21-Jul-15 00:14:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Alibabsandthe40Musketeers Tue 21-Jul-15 00:16:57

<marks place>

SabrinnaOfDystopia Tue 21-Jul-15 00:18:01


HoldYerWhist Tue 21-Jul-15 00:18:43

I can't believe we don't know!

Seriouslyffs Tue 21-Jul-15 00:20:15

The first thread isn't full is it?! shock

ConstanceBlackwood Tue 21-Jul-15 00:20:51

I need to know too.

SrAssumpta Tue 21-Jul-15 00:21:17

Yanbu, at all

missingmumxox Tue 21-Jul-15 00:22:02

no this is a thread to ask if I am being unreasonable to ask you to let me know when they eat it, I have read the thread 3 times today I am cutting my loses smile

Seriouslyffs Tue 21-Jul-15 00:23:12

Aha a taat. Norty. I'll go check.

missingmumxox Tue 21-Jul-15 00:25:14

I will be eternally grateful Seriously smile I am 45, I can't waste my life on this shit but yet I need to know!

Seriouslyffs Tue 21-Jul-15 00:28:27

No news. Which is feckin irritating news, not good news.
I had to do advanced search and everything.
I'm sorry for your trouble missing

missingmumxox Tue 21-Jul-15 00:33:47

Seriously, I am in your debt, Kudos to you my friend, my first born will sacrifice a Peperami in your honour tomorrow.

I can do no more now.

KanyesVest Tue 21-Jul-15 00:55:28

There was an update at 00:44...the cake has not been eaten. Not eaten

ChwatFeechers Tue 21-Jul-15 00:57:58

They may eat it in the morning.

Mother is undecided.

SabrinnaOfDystopia Tue 21-Jul-15 01:04:24

Nooooo. That is real In-Law Cake Twattery. Poor OP. Poor cake. Cakes are made to be eaten.

cookiefiend Tue 21-Jul-15 01:06:52

Thanks- I am glad you saved me reading that thread again! I would eat the cake while everyone was asleep. That would teach them.

Happy36 Tue 21-Jul-15 01:13:00

No cake has been eaten yet. Probably will taste gross after all this haha. So sorry for the suspense. xx

Happy36 Tue 21-Jul-15 01:14:25

P.S. I don't really like cake. Usually can foist "my" piece onto children or husband when I can't refuse. But MIL adores it.

sunshinenanny Tue 21-Jul-15 02:25:25

The cakethat was never eaten! brew or wine I'm off to bed with one or the other! Goodnight

RoboticSealpup Tue 21-Jul-15 03:28:01

But she did authorise the children to bestow gifts upon her at dinner, right?

LadyCuntingtonThe3rd Tue 21-Jul-15 04:02:24

Let me just sit here, so I don't have to read that other thread.

ToastedOrFresh Tue 21-Jul-15 04:45:19

The cake has to be eaten or it won't fulfil it's destiny. You can't have unfulfilled cake with it's destiny denied. It'll start it's own thread, just you wait and see.

The jam sponges will get some support from the doughnuts I should think.

ChaircatMiaow Tue 21-Jul-15 04:52:40

How has the cake not been eaten? What kind of lunacy is this? I'm agitated thinking of that lovely Victoria sponge sitting in a fridge uneaten.

Cakes are meant to be eaten! That is their purpose!

I think it is the worst MIL thread I have ever read. Right up there with the one who was cleaning the toilet with her toothbrush...

TheHouseOnBellSt Tue 21-Jul-15 07:00:48

I couldn't be doing with that situation at all. I'd just bloody bring it out singing! Then cut it and scoff before the MIL could say peep. Madness! That people pander to that kind of thing.

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