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to be fed up of having to rely on my family all the time?

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JammyGem Mon 20-Jul-15 12:03:49

I have a job, but it is a zero hours contract. I did have a temporary maternity cover role for a year and have carried on doing the same thing but back on my casual contract again. Would have been fine except my hours are getting fewer and fewer.

This month I had £70 after rent to pay for all bills and food etc. I haven't managed it and am in real financial trouble, relying on my boyfriend for food.

I'm 24, so not eligible for a lot of the financial help which is now for over 25 only. I've been searching for another job and have had a few interviews but no luck yet. I've cut down on everything - my boyfriend brings back food leftover from the kitchen at work for me, although some days I'm reduced to having to choose between starving and sharing a pouch with my cat I googled, they're ok for human consumption! My boyfriend's been amazing, but he's not a lot of money himself so it's not easy, and it's not fair me having to rely on him either.

I had to call my parents to get me out of the shit again. In August I have five shifts the whole month - was supposed to be going to France to meet boyfriend's parents in a couple of weeks' time (DMum paid for my flights as my birthday present) but will probably have to cancel. I've asked my manager how many shifts I would likely pick up if I didn't go, and she's going to get back to me. My parents are angry I'm considering cancelling as they think I deserve a holiday (haven't had one in four years, during which time I've had a pretty shit time of it- a bad break up, diagnosed with depression/PTSD from rape, a couple of operations) but it's just not affordable to lose any shifts by going away. My boyfriend will also be very angry I think, and it will put strain on us but I'm hoping he'll understand.

My parents are going to visit in Wednesday and we're going through everything and they're going to sort out a plan to help me. I just hate having to rely on them, I hate that I'm an adult and yet not capable of supporting myself.

I don't want to rely on my parents or my boyfriend anymore. I don't want to feel this useless and put so much pressure and worry on other people. I've been through all my options and I just don't understand how I'm going to do it.

MissBattleaxe Mon 20-Jul-15 12:14:08

The first thing you have to do is get out of that zero hours contract if you possibly can. You can't manage on whatever shifts they need filling and you will need full time hours. Please look around for something else. Don't beat yourself up too much about being skint- on five shifts a month anyone would be skint! get a proper full time hours job if possible and start again.

Good luck and I wish you well.

JammyGem Mon 20-Jul-15 12:19:05

Thank you.

The permanent position came up for the maternity cover job I did - I went for it, didn't get it, but am now training the guy who did. Although now he is pretty much for trained my hours have gone down, which I expected, but not to the amount they have.

I've been spending all my time applying for new full time jobs but I just don't seem to be getting anywhere - like I said, a few interviews but never further. It's completely soul destroying.

Lurkedforever1 Mon 20-Jul-15 12:42:14

You should still be entitled to some help (eg jsa top up if you earn less than jsa level) and possibly some help with housing, or at least foodbanks. Best bet would be going to the local cab who'll know more about what helps available from your council.

Lurkedforever1 Mon 20-Jul-15 12:45:22

And look at the jobs like council lollipop ones- it's only an hour a day but they're always advertised because few people want an hours work that would need childcare, but while you're looking for something else it could fit in with your shifts and at least pay for some food.

MissBattleaxe Mon 20-Jul-15 12:53:50

Have you tried employment agencies? I often find they are easier to get into and temp work can often lead to permanent.

googoodolly Mon 20-Jul-15 13:20:36

Look around for something like retail. A lot of supermarkets take on part-timers and you'll be able to pick up overtime occasionally, as well as work flexibly (evenings, weekends, early mornings - whatever fits around your current shifts).

Good luck!

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