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Travelodge/premier Inn with 3 kids - how?

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StarlightMcKenzee Mon 20-Jul-15 09:56:53

AIBU to think there should be a way to get 3 kids and 2 adults into a room. We're not exactly a 'large' family.

For various logistical reasons, (ages of the kids mainly - all little/one with ASD) it would not work if we booked 2 rooms (quite apart from the additional expense) as one adult could not leave their charge, and would not leave them alone, even if sleeping, to keep running back to other room to get whatever items might be needed etc. as we pack as one family.

It just seems to me to be so bonkers that I'm wondering if there is like an unwritten rule that means that the websites don't actually reflect reality and most people with 3 kids do actually all share a room!?

StarlightMcKenzee Mon 20-Jul-15 09:57:52

If IABU, can anyone recommend a hotel, or hotel chain in the Swansea area that has a room that would take 3 kids and an unsociable and unspecified arrival time?

grabaspoon Mon 20-Jul-15 09:59:50

If you got 2 rooms then I'd pack 2 separate bags 1 for each room

PooFlower Mon 20-Jul-15 09:59:56

How old are the kids, we managed to book three children in when the youngest was classed as an infant, she was almost two and they provided a travel cot. This was at premier Inn. Could you be a little creative about ages if one of your children could pass for under two?

PrawnPringle Mon 20-Jul-15 10:00:10

I used to do it.
2 youngest top and tail, eldest own bed.
Reception is very rarely manned so found no problem for the odd night.

StarlightMcKenzee Mon 20-Jul-15 10:03:04

3, 6 and 8.

We can't pack separate bags because the kids share most things (toothpaste, Ipad, Cbeebies magazine) and stuff needs to be used flexibly and often creatively to accommodate child with ASD's needs, plus either ASD child or youngest will no doubt have a screaming fit at some point about wanting to see the other parent/other children.

And we'll have an already massively over-packed car, so only space for one small overnight bag.

elephantfan Mon 20-Jul-15 10:04:00

Yes - family room plus cot.
Or - book adjoining rooms and leave the connecting door open. Obviously this is more expensive though. We did this as our older 2 got too big to fit in the family room - we used to book a twin and a double with extra bed for the youngest.

DeeWe Mon 20-Jul-15 10:04:12

We've always taken one room and never had any objection to it.

StarlightMcKenzee Mon 20-Jul-15 10:04:45

We've done it until now, as youngest was under 3, but the kids are getting bigger (though still small iyswim).

It is just for one night.

StarlightMcKenzee Mon 20-Jul-15 10:05:49

Thanks Dewee, Premier Inn have started to ask for the kids ages, so would notice a 3rd.

How old are yours?

spicyfajitas Mon 20-Jul-15 10:06:39

We were once namely turned away with 3 children, one under two until we showed them on their website that babies in cots are ok.
After that, I'd be worried about trying to all squeeze in.
I have found that more expensive hotels will be more accommodating and the price while more than one travel lodge/ premier Inn room is often cheaper than taking two

StarlightMcKenzee Mon 20-Jul-15 10:07:32

elephant I'm not sure we'd ever find a hotel with adjoining rooms as we tend to make plans very last minute. Currently looking for a room for Friday and this is massively advanced for us, and only doing it this far in advance because we know it is the School holidays.

That's not Travelodge or premier inns fault of course, but I thought the whole point of their brand was flexibility!

elephantfan Mon 20-Jul-15 10:08:21

Have you looked at independent B&B's?
I had a friend who travelled a lot for work and never once used a hotel or travel lodge type place. He said independent B&Bs were much cheaper and nicer.

spicyfajitas Mon 20-Jul-15 10:08:52

My experience of trying to squeeze three in a room is that three is much noisier than two, because of all the different relationships and dynamics and I'm very conscious of causing inconvenience to other guests.

Pippa12 Mon 20-Jul-15 10:09:21

Travel lodge have large family rooms, you might have more luck with them. Have you tried ringing them? X

StarlightMcKenzee Mon 20-Jul-15 10:09:55

tbh it isn't the price that's the problem (within reason), it's the ability to turn up at 1am if we need to, and then change that around 11pm, to 3am (when we STILL haven't left due to whatever ASD/disorganised crisis).

Family-run hotels don't usually accommodate that.

mumeeee Mon 20-Jul-15 10:12:57

What about a Youth Hostel? A lot of them are family friendly now and have family rooms for up to 6 people.

UrethraFranklin1 Mon 20-Jul-15 10:13:44

Ive stayed in many travelodges with three children, and premier inn a couple of times. In a family room we all fit, and I find staff couldnt care less how many children we have with us. It makes no difference to them and I would imagine they arent paid enough to give a shite!

Alyx80 Mon 20-Jul-15 10:14:11

We stayed in a family room last week in a travel lodge. We have 4 kids of 10, 7, 3 & 6m. They gave us a cot for the baby and we sneaked the extra older one in (I didn't put them on the booking), the three of them slept in the king size bed but sideways on so had loads of room and me & dh had the singles. It was only 1 night before an early flight so didn't really want to book two rooms. It was absolutely fine!

BishopBrennansArse Mon 20-Jul-15 10:15:12

Starlight I have the exact same issue. 3 kids with ASD. Not found a solution yet!

DadfromUncle Mon 20-Jul-15 10:15:26

Dunno if this helps, but the Holiday Inn Express I stayed at and the Novotel I was in at the weekend had lockable connecting doors - you could get adjoining rooms and lock the connecting doors open, maybe?

toomuchtooold Mon 20-Jul-15 10:17:40

I know this sounds a bit mad but could you book two rooms and only use one, if the only issue is getting them to take the booking?

DayLillie Mon 20-Jul-15 10:18:38

We used to do if when we needed to break up long journeys.

I had 3 children close together, so it was not a good idea to let them loose. We stayed in a Holiday Inn in Gosforth with a swimming pool - this had a 'twin' room that consisted of two double beds and they brought us a folding bed for the 3rd.

After that, we stayed in the Express version which have a double bed, double sofa bed and put DS on the floor in his sleeping bag. It was a bit of a squeeze and the breakfast was only cereal and toast, and no one bothered.

After that, they got too big, and we stayed in a hotel with two rooms, where DC were hard to control, then a B&B which had a massive family room with enough beds for everyone, that was a bit past it. Then we gave up and just had to drive long distances.

juliej75 Mon 20-Jul-15 10:20:09

We've used family rooms at Premier Inn - they definitely take 2 adults and 3 children in a bed each. We even used to smuggle a fourth child in when the littlest was a baby.

If you can only get a room with 2 kids beds, ask if they mind you putting a camping mattress on the floor, or have one child in the bed with you.

If you don't want the risk of a 'no', one adult checks in with two children while the other is getting the bag from the car and just go back and forth often enough to confuse the issue of how many children are around.

Done this many a time ;-)

StarlightMcKenzee Mon 20-Jul-15 10:21:39

Thanks for your help everyone.

And thanks too Bishop.

I guess there is no 'trick' that I'm missing then. It's just rubbish. I either lie or don't go. It is technically possible to miss out the hotel booking this time and go directly to final 300mile destination driving through the night to arrive for 9am.

Fills me with joy!!!! sad

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