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about this accident

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PHANTOMnamechanger Sun 19-Jul-15 17:19:09

advice please.

never been involved in an RTA at all in 27 years of driving. Then early last week, someone ran into the back of me when I was stopped at a zebra crossing. Absolutely their fault, not looking at the road ahead - saw the traffic queued in front of me start moving off and did not realise there were people crossing in front of me on a zebra. Admitted they were to blame and were apologetic. Fortunately no one hurt and not that much damage to car as only low speeds involved due to busy traffic/slow moving queue, so police not involved - just exchanged details with other driver who wanted to pay for the repairs rather than go through their insurance. Unfortunately we did not get details of any independent witnesses. They have now had the quote from our preferred garage, who we have used for the past 15 years and trust completely, and are demanding we get another quote, or offering that they can get 'someone they know' do do the repairs 'much cheaper'. Not keen at all about being pressed into doing this their way. Hate any sort of confrontation and can just see them not paying up. Had already informed our insurers of all the details and they are ready to step in and take this up on our behalf if necessary. Should we have to get another quote? Should we pass it to the insurers to take on without further ado? Can we pay for the repairs ourselves and THEN get the insurers in if the other driver refuses to pay? holiday coming up soon and need it all sorted smoothly. right PITA!!

LaurieFairyCake Sun 19-Jul-15 17:20:03

I would just let your insurance deal with it

LaurieFairyCake Sun 19-Jul-15 17:21:03

And if your insurance deal with it depending on your policy you might get a hire car? And then it will be charged to them

Enchufla Sun 19-Jul-15 17:21:14

Theres no reason why you shouldnt just go through their insurance. Thats what its for after all. Do NOT pay for the repairs unless your insurance co tells you to

DadfromUncle Sun 19-Jul-15 17:22:54

No reason to waste your time getting other quotes - I'd be inclined to say "it's this repair or insurers" Of course, they may not be insured...

DoeEyedNear Sun 19-Jul-15 17:25:35

This is what insurance is for. Although the way they're carrying on I'd bet they don't have it.

When I went into the back of someone my car got written off as the whole nose of the car crumpled breaking all the engine. Their car was unscathed (bloody towbars!) likewise I've had a van go into the back of me too and again my car got written off as it crumpled (I need to get better cars)

Insurance dealt with both.

PHANTOMnamechanger Sun 19-Jul-15 17:28:47

I would hope they are insured but I gues there is no telling these days! the car had their company name and phone number painted on it (ie advertising their own small business, not a proper company vehicle) which is why I was not worried about being given fake ID details!

1Morewineplease Sun 19-Jul-15 17:32:31

I was in a very similar situation although I was at fault... The other driver didn't want to go through insurers and I felt ok as I sort of knew the other driver ( we were in a car park near school and so I'd seen this lady around)... She wanted to get her own quotes which varied enormously and a couple of them were way in excess of the damage was a scratch and a smal dent which a witness " popped " back out!!!. In the end I consulted my insurers which she was furious about!!! She kept sending me letters but my insurers instructed me to ignore them as they were involved and would deal with the matter themselves...

Don't get ripped off!!! Tell your insurers and then they will take the matter out of your hands... The other driver is worried about losing their "no claims" or having premiums shoot up . You are NOT obliged to do what the other driver suggests... They are panicking !!

wowfudge Sun 19-Jul-15 17:33:49

I think you can give them the option of your repairer or going through the insurance. You are doing them a favour if you don't go through the insurance after all. Make sure they are billed and it is crystal clear to all concerned that you will not be paying and then refunded.

CamelHump Sun 19-Jul-15 17:36:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PHANTOMnamechanger Sun 19-Jul-15 17:37:18

what happens if the driver won't pay and they are not insured, what will our insurers do? will our insureres use the quote we have got or will they want to arrange their own repairer? To a PP, yes we would get a replacement car if necessary, but repairs will only take a day and can manage without car for that. would rather it was not all delayed due to hols though.

CamelHump Sun 19-Jul-15 17:38:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Andrewofgg Sun 19-Jul-15 17:38:53

Go through your insurers. That's what they are there for. These people probably have no insurance and are worried about prosecution and six points. Let them worry. Go through your insurers NOW!

fastdaytears Sun 19-Jul-15 17:39:35

I would definitely go through your insurers. They know now so if your premiums are going to go up they will now. I never know if that really happens when not your fault but people say it does.

You don't have to save these other people money. Tell them it's going through the insurers and that you don't want them to contact you again.

VivaLeBeaver Sun 19-Jul-15 17:40:18

It is normal to get three quotes if not going through insurance.

PHANTOMnamechanger Sun 19-Jul-15 17:42:34

thank you all, I now feel happier that WANBU by not wanting to get a second quote. even if we were paying for the repair we would not get another quote we would use 'our' garage because we have always been very happy with them! I don't like being made to feel like I am the bad guy, or pushed into a decision by someone else! Our choice of repairer or insurance company it is!

fastdaytears Sun 19-Jul-15 17:43:45

Definitely, definitely not the bad guy!

PHANTOMnamechanger Sun 19-Jul-15 17:45:11

oh sad xpost with viva - wheres that unwritten rule about 3 quotes from then? surely if our insureres were dealing with it the other driver would just have to pay what they were told?

VivaLeBeaver Sun 19-Jul-15 17:45:30

In fact when I went through insurance but wanted to use a local garage rather than the insurance garage my insurance company told me Id need to provide three quotes.

PHANTOMnamechanger Sun 19-Jul-15 17:46:13

really? I assumed they would just sort it. Bum, what a faff!

PHANTOMnamechanger Sun 19-Jul-15 17:46:40

thank you fastday

SophiePendragon Sun 19-Jul-15 17:46:47

We had this about 6 months ago - person we knew from school went into the back of our car.

We got a quote and they then asked to get another - we went to their chosen garage which I'd actually already been to and got details of someone they used for resprays etc - and that proved a bit cheaper so we went with that. They had to go and pay the garage doing the repair before they would start on it, so once payment was cleared, we booked it in.

You could get more quotes - wouldn't do any harm except to delay it by a few days. Sounds like the person is behaving normally, I wouldn't panic yet and you have the law on your side.

SophiePendragon Sun 19-Jul-15 17:47:24

Btw we informed our insurers but did not need them in the end. Wouldn't be surprised if the other person didn't tell theirs.

VivaLeBeaver Sun 19-Jul-15 17:47:34

Well it is an unwritten rule if doing it off the books. I think to make sure you're not scamming them with an exaggerated quote. Obviously you don't have to get three quotes, but they might turn round and refuse to pay cash and say go through insurance. And you'd still have to get three quotes then if still wanting to use this garage.

Lweji Sun 19-Jul-15 17:48:45


again my car got written off as it crumpled (I need to get better cars)
This is what a good car is supposed to do. Take the force of the impact for you, so that you get out unharmed. Keep buying those. smile

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