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Cat stealing

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Littlemisshappy12 Sun 19-Jul-15 02:00:55

am really upset and just want to ask advice on here as I am being told different things.

Our cat is getting old and we have had him a long time. No problems but a neighbour with a young child has been feeding him and keeping him in.

They denied on many occasions the cat was there even when he was seen in the window. I explained we have had him a long time, has a loving home and is part of our family. Asked them to stop feeding him and to put him outside so he will go home.

They knew we were searching for him and distressed but they just don't care.

He got confused after some period of time and we found a huge difference in his behavior. Not like that cat we knew and another neighbour of ours commented on this as he has always been affectionate and purrs away. It was very odd and he was confused.

Decided to keep him in for a while but it was not fair as he is an out door cat and he wanted outside. In the time he was at home he was back to his old self and just as loving as ever.

So decided to let him back out. For a month he stayed close by but then ventured to explore.

Now we have a problem again. He has disappeared which is out of character now and after searching and being upset he was seen in their house crying at the window when he heard us. He wanted out.

Knocked on door but nothing. It's back to the same nightmare as before. We miss him and they know it.

Last time she made ridiculous comments like he was not being fed enough and always wanting food. She obviously doesn't understand our cat would eat until he exploded. Think most of them would and also at that time he had the freedom to go out late or whenever he wanted. She turned around and said he should not be out a night. Tell that to cat!

I'm worried about him as they have obviously been keeping him in or he would have been back.

I have read posts on here to get an idea to what has happened to others as I really don't understand why someone would take someone else's cat when it clearly has a good home.

I called the police but they said it was not a matter for them its animal welfare. He is microchipped and there should be documentation as we adopted him many many years ago.

Can someone please advice me how I stand. I contacted animal welfare but they referred me onto police. They said they can't do anything but totally understand my situation as it happens a lot.

I can't sleep. Just want my cat back. Please let me know what u think I should do as I just feel so distressed right now.

Maryz Sun 19-Jul-15 02:07:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SnowBells Sun 19-Jul-15 02:13:00

Do you have good neighbors who know about your problem? Can you go with a bunch of them to this new family's house and demand they should change their ways?

Take a picture of the cat by the window. Tell them this is evidence for police. God.

Our neighbor's dog snuck into our garden few weeks ago, and through our open garden door into the house. Such a cute little thing, I wanted to keep him. Of course, I didn't. I scooped him up and handed him back to the neighbors. What's wrong with people?

bestguess23 Sun 19-Jul-15 02:19:05

It annoys me when the police give wrong information about such things. A cat is covered by the Theft Act Yes, the police are unlikely to be bothered because it's minor theft but it is still theft. Could you tell the neighbour if she persists you will report her as the cat is (old/ill/on medication) and needs to be at home. The threat itself might work and if not you can work on a plan B. The police are unlikely to be any help but the threat might be enough.

Chunkymonkey79 Sun 19-Jul-15 04:47:15

Yanbu i feel so sorry for you.

Keep a diary of every occasion he goes missing, and if possible back up with date stamped photos of him sat at their window where ever possible. Also make a note of every time you have spoken the neighbour and asked for the cat and been refused/ignored.

Take this back to the police with adoption papers, microchip details etc and insist the theft is properly investigated.

Ok most cats are free to roam about and do on occasion get into houses but for fucks sake just send them back out again! Especially if you know the owner!

Maybe the neighbour has issues, but this needs to stop!

Spermysextowel Sun 19-Jul-15 04:59:28

Could you contact the RSPCA? They have the best interests of the animal at heart & if it's upsetting to your cat to be kept in in an unfamiliar environment they should know the best route to take.

Spickle Sun 19-Jul-15 05:09:53

Speak to the Cats Protection people for advice and post this thread in The Litter Tray as there are some cat experts there with good advice.

I'm a cat owner so understand how upsetting this is for you.

charlestonchaplin Sun 19-Jul-15 05:18:25

Your neighbour enjoys the pleasure of your cat's poo, I think it's reasonable that she also enjoys the pleasure of your cat's company. Don't be so possessive. Share the love!

PoppySausage Sun 19-Jul-15 06:04:03

Even though the police don't seem bothered, can you tell her that they are and are planning to call in on her?

LaLaLaaaa Sun 19-Jul-15 07:16:03

It is theft so a police matter as cats are considered property. The police should be dealing with it - I would call them again.

Hurr1cane Sun 19-Jul-15 07:23:07

Go round and tell them that if they carried on feeding him the shit food they're likely feeding him, that they can expect a very large vet bill soon.

Hurr1cane Sun 19-Jul-15 07:25:16

Charles how do you know the cat poos in her neighbours garden? It pisses me off when people assume outdoor cats shit anywhere, mine are litter trained, they poo in their litter trays or in a special dug up corner of the garden which I clear every day. Most cats are litter trained and very clean.

totallybewildered Sun 19-Jul-15 07:29:36

go back to the police. Who ever you spoke to was wrong. This is theft.

ahbollocks Sun 19-Jul-15 07:35:58

If it was my cat id sit outside their front door and keep my finger on the doorbell until they gave it back.
I kindof kniw both sides of the coin- my ndn cat is desperate to move in to our house but I never let it in. Its welcome to sleep on the patio though.
On thetheher hand my own cat has a old man he visits, I had no idea until a few months ago when the old chap stopped to ask me if the ginger cat that roamed had a home shock apparently he visits in the afternoon and they watch tv together.

LumpySpacedPrincess Sun 19-Jul-15 07:37:57

This sounds so very distressing for you. I would go back to the police and try to get them to pop round as it is theft. Even if they send a community officer round. Failing that would a strongly worded letter from a solicitor give them a wake up call?

treaclesoda Sun 19-Jul-15 07:38:44

This sounds very distressing and I hope you get it sorted out.

However, from the other side of the situation, we appear to have been 'chosen' by a local cat. Our 3 year old gets excited to see him in the garden and goes out to play with him. If we leave our downstairs windows open, he comes in and makes himself at home. I put him out, he comes back in. I put him out again, he comes back in. He is obviously well cared for by his owners but to anyone who doesn't know the situation I probably look like a cat thief. I refuse to live with all my windows closed just to prevent him getting in.

I'm not unsympathetic but as someone on the other side, it can be really difficult to remove a cat who doesn't want to be removed.

Fallout4 Sun 19-Jul-15 07:43:59

I would not stop leaning on their doorbell until they handed back my cat! Then I would cat proof my garden so my cat could still go out but could not leave the safety of my garden.
Contact the police again, it's theft and you have proof it's your cat!

Hellionsitem2 Sun 19-Jul-15 07:45:53

Go back to the police highlighting that it is covered under theft

Hellionsitem2 Sun 19-Jul-15 07:47:28

They are basically locking your poor cat in their house in an attempt to keep it against its will.

Fallout4 Sun 19-Jul-15 07:49:37

Soda that is not the same at all though. You don't keep the cat in even when it wants to get out & I presume you don't feed it either. A cat wanders into my house all the time but I don't shut the door behind it and I don't feed it either. I either shoo it out or carry it and get on with my life. It's a stupid cat because all it ever does is come up against my cats who absolutely hate it. I have to rescue it from a corner at least once a day but I don't mind and I carry it to the bottom of my garden and pop it on the fence and it shoots off.

charlestonchaplin Sun 19-Jul-15 07:49:41

Most cats, whether litter-trained or not, poo elsewhere at least some of the time if allowed to roam freely. They're not going to rush home just to do a poo. If they're out and they get the urge they'll do it in the most convenient location nearby.

treaclesoda Sun 19-Jul-15 08:04:45

Fall no, you're right it's not the same thing as I'm not feeding it and forcing it to stay in my house against its will. I don't think my situation is quite like that described by the OP but it could easily appear that way if you didn't know the full story.

But I don't have time to chase it round the house and shoo it out all day either. I put it out regularly and it comes back in. Last weekend I was out with the kids and my dh had a migraine and took some painkillers and went for a lie down. When he woke the cat was cuddled up beside him fast asleep. It could have been in the house for hours for all we know. I can see why the owners would be pissed off if they came to our door but it's not actually our choice.

ohtheholidays Sun 19-Jul-15 11:17:16

Tell her you've called the Police,your Vets and Animal welfare and that she needs to give your Cat back right now under her own steam and that she has to stop feeding it.

Tell her if she doesn't then the police and Animal welfare will be dealing with her and the situation.

To stop her from feeding your cat,tell her she's making your cat very ill as the Vet has put your cat onto a special diet(special cat food)that you can only get on a prescription from your vets and that if her actions cause any health problems for your cat that she will liable for the very large vets fees and could be done for willful cruelty against an animal ;)

She has know way of knowing if any of that is the truth or not! smile

Mermaidhair Sun 19-Jul-15 11:47:04

If you are 100% sure your cat is next door, just knock and then enter and take him back. If you are bolder than the neighbour she will back down. You need to get angry enough to demand very loudly that she return him. good luck

Hurr1cane Sun 19-Jul-15 19:07:10

Then they must do a hell of a lot of poos. The only one who leaves the garden is a feral cat we took in as a kitten, she's wild, but she always seems to come back to poo, unless she poos constantly. One of them will only poo in a certain tray in the house. Cats can be well trained as well. Dogs don't just poo when the urge takes them either. They wait.

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