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Think the social security agency dont know their arse from their elbow!

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SurlyCue Sat 18-Jul-15 09:49:42


I was a mature student doing an access course from sept 2014- may of this year. I was awarded a further education award in september and brought the award letter into my income support office the same week. I have just today recieved a letter saying that due to receiving student finance i have been overpaid income support. Why has it taken 10 months for them to calculate this? And as if that isnt bad enough the letter says the overpayment was from 11/9/2014- 8/10/2014. So one month. How can i only have been overpaid for 1 month when i received the award until may? confused does this mean im going to get more letters saying i owe more back?

The last time i had an issue with income support it took them 21 months to pay me what i was owed from their mistake. A mistake which almost cost me my home! I got caught in a continuous loop of calling and being told someome would get back to me. I'm going to have to call them again to find out how much i actually owe and knowing them they'll suspend my payments while they work it out and then they'll calculate it wrong because all evidence indicates they are complete chocolate fucking teapots.

I am so angry it has taken them til now to advise me of this.

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