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to think 'the sun' is utter scum over the queen's 'nazi salute' ?

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mrsfuzzy Sat 18-Jul-15 09:06:17

it might be 'historical significance' but is it really ? the film taken in 1933 shows the royal family doing nazi salutes. the 'salute' was not really known about then as to what it would come to signify and this seems scummy behaviour on behalf of the sun to print it.
everyone now involved is dead, but the queen still has to hear it,
i'm not into royalty but this seems shitty in my book.

Wishful80sMontage Sat 18-Jul-15 09:07:53

I think the sun is scum anyway so yanbu

GrouchyKiwi Sat 18-Jul-15 09:11:32


"Child puts hand in the air 80 years ago" isn't news.

Chococroc Sat 18-Jul-15 09:11:50


wowfudge Sat 18-Jul-15 09:12:31

Despite what they claim in the article, you have got to wonder what they really hope to achieve.

TheWitTank Sat 18-Jul-15 09:12:52

YANBU. Unsurprising from that paper though.

UncertainSmile Sat 18-Jul-15 09:15:04

I'd be quite happy to see their offices burn down, they're proper bastards.

mrsfuzzy Sat 18-Jul-15 09:19:28

like many people i'd like to know how they got the footage to start with, whatever the outcome it won't make they universally popular,

RachelRagged Sat 18-Jul-15 09:19:29

Not a Royalist but, as stated, this was over 80 years ago ..

Scummy Sun has always been such . YANBU

goldenhen Sat 18-Jul-15 09:22:24

The Sun is terrible scum but at least The Queen is, y'know, the queen and is in a better position to take it than the members of the public who they usually go after. Having said that, there are credible accusations that both the Queen Mother and Prince Phillip are Nazi sympathisers (Prince Phillip is on record as saying "well, you know people were very suspicious of the jews, and at least the Nazis made the trains run on time", that sort of bollocks) and they should probably be discussed more openly. But I doubt the Sun is contributing very much because everyone will just go "oh, she was only 8" and that'll be the end of the debate, so it's a bit cowardly really. Bet they sell loads of papers today though.

Sunny67 Sat 18-Jul-15 09:22:55

YANBU. The Sun never ceases to amaze. The film was taken over eighty years ago, a good few years before WW11 not a few years after. I don't think anyone could have for told the horrors to come. What they hope to achieve and how that got hold of the film are beyond me.

WallyBantersJunkBox Sat 18-Jul-15 09:25:08

The Queen Mother....a Nazi? Well tickle my arse till Tuesday. gringringrin

They all were ready to welcome the Nazis into Britain.

If the queen is embarrassed it should be with her family.

I don't believe the queen is racist at all, but her husband, parents, uncle....well that's another story.

Epilepsyhelp Sat 18-Jul-15 09:26:55

It wasn't racism at that point, it was years before the Nazis showed their true colours.

YANBU OP, usual scummy Sun bullshit

RedCrayons Sat 18-Jul-15 09:27:36

The Sun are scum full stop.

Baddz Sat 18-Jul-15 09:28:26

Why is this a shock?
The royal family are German.
The duke of Windsor was a nazi sympathiser, as were many of the aristocracy in the 30s/40s (moseleys, mitfords etc)
Prince Phillips sisters married prominent nazis.

museumum Sat 18-Jul-15 09:29:36

My history is ropey but I'm pretty sure that there were few signs in 1933 of what the nazi party was to become?

Idontseeanydragons Sat 18-Jul-15 09:29:47

As much as I detest the Sun I saw this last night and thought it was more about Edward VIII than the rest of them really. He was known to be a Nazi sympathiser, visited Hitler etc and I thought it was really more to do with his influence on other royals.
Or maybe I'm trying to put a more positive spin on it because I like the Queen.

Lollypop27 Sat 18-Jul-15 09:29:57

I was listening to it on local news radio this morning. Apparently the sun released it because it's of public interest. As others have said it was before ww2. I don't understand what they are trying to achieve with printing this?

museumum Sat 18-Jul-15 09:30:53

And while I know my history is s bit ropey, I don't believe that if the average sun reader is so so much better. This IMO is deliberately misleading and sensationalist.

StillStayingClassySanDiego Sat 18-Jul-15 09:31:12

No other headline is available ,they did super slim Cheryl last week didn't they?hmm.

Pile of steaming bollocks if that's all they've got to offer this morning.

WallyBantersJunkBox Sat 18-Jul-15 09:33:28

Nope, their Aryan policies were established when this was taken.

However it had little to do with the queen. A bit like watching programs on the KKK with their kids singing songs in the car. Not really aware of what they are doing.

It's not exactly news though is it.

goldenhen Sat 18-Jul-15 09:34:06

museumum well you could argue that no-one could predict the scale of the Holocaust until after the war, but by '33 they'd established the Third Reich and were already purging Jewish people from public office, burning books, establishing concentration camps etc so it was already WELL DODGY.

scarlets Sat 18-Jul-15 09:36:35

"Little girl who's led a fairly sheltered life copies her mummy and much-loved uncle". Stop the press!

The Sun is a ridiculous newspaper.

TheCommander Sat 18-Jul-15 09:37:30

I'm with Badz on this, there are credible accounts of the royal family being sympathetic to the Nazi cause, obviously, they become more discrete and removed support when they saw war coming this way.

FrancesNiadova Sat 18-Jul-15 09:39:57

Prince Philip fought in WW 2, he was in the navy.

The Sun is just a rag, this is just another of many sensationalist headlines.

I bet its sales rocket today though. sad

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