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To think if your toddler creates during a school assembly, please please just take them out?

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Coincidenceschmoincidence Fri 17-Jul-15 12:34:21

Because I couldn't hear a word ds said this morning.

I know it happens, I have every sympathy (mine were hideous at that age) but the noise of one child running about shrieking for 20 minutes really did spoil the entire play.

Feel the same about weddings confused

CherryBonBon Fri 17-Jul-15 12:34:58

Depends what they're creating really.

ASettlerOfCatan Fri 17-Jul-15 12:36:13

Yep if mine screached for more than a minute or two or frequently I took them out. It's not fair on anyone else.

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Fri 17-Jul-15 12:36:39

Creates what? I've never heard that term before.

ChwatFeechers Fri 17-Jul-15 12:37:06

I agree with you OP.

Common courtesy.

IUseAnyName Fri 17-Jul-15 12:38:07

I get really self concious with my 2yr old in these situations. I missed half of my ds nativity last year because she was being noisy. I had to take her out.... This year dh and I will be alternating to 2 showings so we don't have to take her.

ChwatFeechers Fri 17-Jul-15 12:39:14

'Creates' is used where I am from too.

It means when a child starts whinging or having a little tantrum.

twinkletoedelephant Fri 17-Jul-15 12:39:17

At children's school they do a todlar welcome practise run through then no children for the actual show .

I get pissed of when as soon as the children start coming in I get the glare of 100 mobile phones held up to video the kids... It ruins the show you can't concentrate on your child's bit when there are dozens and dozen s of phones zoomed in on different kids ...

PtolemysNeedle Fri 17-Jul-15 12:39:54

YANBU. Parents who don't take their noisy children out of school performances are incredibly selfish and very rude.

blendedfamilygrinch Fri 17-Jul-15 12:40:02

Yes - not least because 1 toddler being allowed to run around/screech etc then makes it more difficult for other toddlers to understand why they have to sit still & keep quiet so it tends to escalate ime.

Creating is sometimes used as a synonym for 'making a fuss'.

And yes, if your toddler is making a lot of noise and spoiling the play for everyone else, you should take them out. Especially if the play is a primary school one, where younger children might be put off their performance by the noise, and where they can't necessarily speak loudly enough to be heard over it.

RainbowFlutterby Fri 17-Jul-15 12:42:01

Yup. DS had one, ONE little piece to say at his Leavers Assembly this morning and no-one heard him because a baby started to whinge. I could have cried sad

AppleCrumples Fri 17-Jul-15 12:43:47

We have our leavers show this afternoon and I have to go on my own with dd2 (2.5). I am planning to sit by the door so when she gets fed up we can exit without a fuss.

Everyone else is always understanding if she starts up but I'd hate to ruin the show for others and I know how hard the year 6 kids have worked.

PumpkinPie2013 Fri 17-Jul-15 12:52:36

YANBU It's really unfair on others watching the show if people don't take out their baby/toddler if they are causing a fuss.

It's also very unfair to the children who are performing and who have worked hard on the show.

My brother and his wife go to see their DDs school plays separately so that one of them can stay home with their younger DS (they don't live local so family can't babysit). Obviously, this isn't an option for everyone but people need to be considerate of others.

ElizaPickford Fri 17-Jul-15 12:53:46

We had someone crash in 20 mins after the thing started with a baby who screamed and clattered about for a good 20 mins before she decided to do the decent thing - it was absolute mayhem and really unfair on the poor children who had worked hard to learn their lines. So def YANBU.

countryandchickens Fri 17-Jul-15 12:54:23

I just don't go blush good excuse

Daisywellies Fri 17-Jul-15 12:55:23

YANBU and I've no doubt that parent also allows her child to scream in restaurants and run around shouting at weddings etc (and then probably gives out about bridezillas not inviting her children).

It's incredibly rude to allow your toddler to ruin another child's performance on stage, but some parents are really ignorant and think the world revolves around their little prince or princess.

DoeEyedNear Fri 17-Jul-15 12:57:54


It's one of my biggest bugbears having screeching toddlers in plays or assemblies. Take them out of the hall!

MumOfTheMoment Fri 17-Jul-15 13:12:38

We had one running around squealing among the children sat on the floor this morning. The children were hmm, headteacher had a fixed PA smile and the rest of the parents were a mix of shock, angry and grin.

Parents of said toddler were doing lots of ineffectual gesticulating.

Out of order IMO.

Notso Fri 17-Jul-15 13:40:25

I've said it many times on here but by far the most annoying, disruptive and rude behaviour I have encountered at school concerts has been from other parents, grandparents etc.
Holding up IPads, phones, cameras constantly,
Talking to each other once their child has done their 'bit',
Standing up whenever their child appears,
Trying to do work during the performance,
Not turning phones to silent,
Reserving seats for the fellow clique members,
Constantly scoffing noisy rustle food.
I could go on. It's the same at every performance, yes there is the odd toddler grizzle or baby crying but nothing like the disruption caused by other adults who either don't know how to behave or don't give a shit about anyone else but themselves and their child.

Whatdoiknowanyway Fri 17-Jul-15 13:53:41

My friend had a baby. Her six year old daughter wrote a beautiful piece about her little sister and read it out at a school assembly.
Another mother allowed her 3 year old to shout and scream throughout whilst she gestured ineffectually and otherwise did nothing. No one could hear my friends daughter at all.
That was 14 years ago. I saw mother and daughter in the supermarket the other day. Still looked ineffectual. I still bear a grudge.

missorinoco Fri 17-Jul-15 13:55:55

This is why we used to watch assemblies and concerts positioned next to the door. Easier to make a quick bolt when the DC kicked off.

WhatifIdid Fri 17-Jul-15 13:59:41

countryandchickens^I just don't go^ that's a bit sad.

Is it by choice?

Anon4Now2015 Fri 17-Jul-15 14:46:01

At my DCs school before the performance begins the headteacher welcomes everyone and reminds them how much work the children have put into it and how challenging it can be for some of them, and then goes on to remind them that because of this it is important that everyone is quiet, and that if any babies/toddlers start to cry or make a noise please take them out. He also says no photographs during the show - only at the end.

countryandchickens Fri 17-Jul-15 15:28:03

Yes, I hate primary school events and younger children are an excellent excuse!

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