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Archer26 Thu 16-Jul-15 16:59:55

I bought an item off a private seller 13 days ago. The advert said postage was £8.99 and that it would be dispatched 2nd class within two working days. I did think the postage was high as item is light though awkward shape so accepted it may cost more.

I bought the item on a Friday and paid immediately so accepted that the weekend could mean it wouldn't be dispatched until the following week. By the following Friday I hadn't recieved anything so messaged the seller that morning to see if it had been dispatched. I recieved no reply so on the Sunday evening I messaged the seller again. I then revived a reply late Sunday night to say they had been away and the item would be dispatched Monday. There had been no mention of them being away in the advert. I didn't respond to the message although I was a bit annoyed about it.

Today is now Thursday and I still haven't recieved the item and only today have they marked it as dispatched. I have messaged them to ask when it was sent but no response.

Essentially my question is- wibu to request a reduction in postage? I am a regular eBay seller myself and appreciate it isn't always possible to get an exact postage cost but they have taken a very long time to send the item and communication has been poor.

Or do I leave honest feedback- neutral if item is ok but mention delay is dispatch/lack of communication. My only issue is this is I have built up 100% feedback over 500 items and I would hate for them to leave me bad feedback in retaliation.

Sorry it's long (and a bit boring!)

StarlingMurmuration Thu 16-Jul-15 17:10:29

I thought sellers couldn't leave negative feedback. Has that changed? It's ages since I was on ebay.

Archer26 Thu 16-Jul-15 17:19:21

Oh you're right! I never noticed that before! That solves that problem at least but I still feel £8.99 on postage is a lot to pay to take nearly two weeks to dispatch.

DisappointedOne Thu 16-Jul-15 17:22:39

Open an INR case.

Archer26 Thu 16-Jul-15 17:24:50

Sorry, what does INR mean?

FarFromAnyRoad Thu 16-Jul-15 17:27:10

It means 'Item Not Received'

And if you do receive the item and the postage is something ridiculous like £2 - well, I'd reflect that in my feedback to be honest. You probably should have queried it first but the slow dispatch would have my hackles up!

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