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to be dreading the summer holidays.

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TheoriginalLEM Thu 16-Jul-15 12:16:21

not because dd (10y) will be home but because she has no bloody friends and she will be lonely. i play alot with her and do stuff but its not the same.

my heart breaks for her. its her birthday next week and we have struggled to find people to invite.

i don't have school gate friends so haven't done the socialising thing. dd has suffered because i don't fit in. it isn't for the want of trying.

i am even thinking of booking her into summer camps that i can barely afford just so she gets someone else other than me.

ive let her down sad

You haven't let her down - you have tried to help her and are still trying to help her.

I was the lonely, friendless child when I was younger, and my mum did nothing to help me, not even to support me against the bullies. That is letting your child down.

Grumpyoldblonde Thu 16-Jul-15 13:48:37

I don't think you have let her down but it is difficult, You say you have struggled to invite people to her birthday - does that mean you have managed to find some people to come even though it was hard?
I have never taken my daughter to school or picked her up (since she left primary) and her friends are the people she has met with no involvement from me. Does she really have nobody to hang out with or eat lunch with at school?
If you have managed to find a couple for kids to come over for the party I think you may have to force yourself to invite them over again or for another outing. I would look at things you can do in your local area where she may meet people her own age.
I have an open house policy here but it is easy for me as I am a very sociable person, can you encourage your daughter to invite even one other girl? Are there kids locally she knows?
I really feel for you, it must be tough for you both.

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Thu 16-Jul-15 13:54:14

Go to the libruary check out free events. Invite 1 friend swimming. Any cousins? Plan your days so u get out each day.... like the park .. shops etc. There are some great days out like adventure centres or museums. But you know you need to make the effort it doesnt have to be school friends.

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