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To invest in a HUGE bed ...

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SleepShake Thu 16-Jul-15 07:43:31

Our toddler needs one of us two sleep with her. If we move her, she'll come back within an hour or so. This usually means we sleep in separate beds.

Now I'm thinking, instead of going on holiday this year, we should invest in one of those HUGE beds so at least I can sleep next to DH smile

So what do you think?

scratchandsniff Thu 16-Jul-15 07:45:58

We're in the same boat here. I keep on to DH about buying a bigger bed. We all need a good night's sleep.

Do it if you can.

SleepIsOverrated Thu 16-Jul-15 07:54:03

Or just buy a small single and put it next to yours - cheaper, you might manage the holiday too, and you've then got the choice to start separating things out with different bedding if you want to later on.

Totality22 Thu 16-Jul-15 07:54:06

We're also having this debate. I Co sleep with baby at the moment and DP is on the sofa. It ideal but I'm such a nervous Co sleeper that I need the space for baby and wouldn't feel comfy having another adult in our normal double.

We are currently debating either putting toddler in a bed and having baby in cot-bed up against our current bed (so we'll only need to buy a toddler bed and new cot bed mattress) versus getting a king size (we'll have to buy everything including new duvets and bed linen. Plus we'll still have to buy bed/so for the toddler and baby at some stage)

I basically want a new bed but I'm on mat leave and we can't really justify the cost... We only moved 6 months ago so we've made a lot of big purchases already.... and obviously we have a new baby.

BUT man I want a new bed!!!

Clayhead Thu 16-Jul-15 07:57:07

We had this debate, ended up buying a superking.

Thirteen years later it's still one of the best purchases we made! Has seen us through countless illnesses, early mornings etc. and is now just a lovely big bed for us smile

SleepShake Thu 16-Jul-15 07:57:31

Sleep that's a good idea but DD will still want one of us to sleep next to her so one of us will be on the single bed, and hence not sleeping next to each other.

DisappointedOne Thu 16-Jul-15 07:58:11

We had a superking for about 8 years before having DD.


mysteryfairy Thu 16-Jul-15 07:59:05

Get a superking!

My DC are teens now but since reading Station Eleven I've even been congratulating myself that in the event of a fatal flu pandemic we can all die together in the same bed!

Collaborate Thu 16-Jul-15 08:00:36

We've had a suppressing since we married. We struggle in a normal double now. It's great. Everyone should have one if they have the room.

Shop Thu 16-Jul-15 08:04:11

I second (third?) a super king bed. We had one for a few years before having dcs and it's awesome!

ecuse Thu 16-Jul-15 08:06:30

Superking here - best money we ever spent. And we don't even co-sleep.

zoobaby Thu 16-Jul-15 08:13:22

We have 2.10 yo toddler regularly occupying our king. It's just manageable when you're the lucky neglected one not being stuck to like glue.

I really wish we had a superking. Would involve removing one of the bedside drawers (built in) but would be sooo worth it.

Collaborate Thu 16-Jul-15 08:16:25

*suppressing = superking

F***ing autocorrect

cleanmyhouse Thu 16-Jul-15 08:17:51

I have superking all to myself. Its bloody enormous. I like to think of it as the field of dreams.

Degustibusnonestdisputandem Thu 16-Jul-15 08:19:06

Oh if we could fit it in our room, we would definitely buy a super king! DTDs are forever coming in to sleep in our bed!

susielovessocks Thu 16-Jul-15 08:23:37

We have a super king and could never go back. Only problem is when we have to stay in a double on holiday it feels really small. We looked at buying a new build house but decided against it purely because we wouldn't be able to fit the bed in!

MurtleTheTurtle Thu 16-Jul-15 08:26:33

We have an emperor! It's one bigger than a super king - it's fabulous, definitely a good investment. We have a lot of children and can fit them all in to watch TV at the weekend. Sourcing bedding can be a problem though when you go bigger than 'standard'.

Justyouwaitandsee Thu 16-Jul-15 08:30:42

Love our superking. We bought it last year after finding out I was pregnant and instead of a holiday. Totally worth it! grin

whois Thu 16-Jul-15 08:32:35

Mum and dad did that - and apparently I stopped coming in about a month later. But it's still nice to have a big bed.

DP and I have a super king. Best. Thing. Ever. You can roll to the middle to cuddle, then roll away and not touch or disturb each other and sleep how you want.

SweetAndFullOfGrace Thu 16-Jul-15 08:45:03

Yes yes yes get a super king! Or rather, get a super king base and two European single mattresses, far easier to get into the house (and out when you move). I love ours, it's bloody enormous.

whothefuckhas5children Thu 16-Jul-15 08:45:19

Ooo now I want an emperor or even a Caesar (didn't even know they existed until thus thread!).
We have a super king which we had before children and love it. Well worth it but then we have 5 children with us in the morning!!

PrawnPringle Thu 16-Jul-15 08:59:06

We have a superking and love it, we also have own duvets.
I seriously believe that without it we would have either been divorced or in single beds by now. H kicks out in his sleep and he was sick of me encroaching to his side of our double bed.

Jen1610 Thu 16-Jul-15 09:05:44

My gran just gave us her superKing size bed as she was moving to a smaller house. We have always had a double, all through Co sleeping with our three kids.

There's been many nights one of us had ended up on the couch due to one thing or another. Never again! Don't know how we have went so long without a King. I can literally starfish and still not even be touching my husband.

Also had my five year old (who's the height of a seven year old) sleep with us the other night without anyone being squashed.

DisappointedOne Thu 16-Jul-15 09:24:21

4 year old snuck in at 5am. Crawled into "her spot" in the middle then pushed and pushed into mine. When I woke at 7am I was balanced on 6" of bed at the edge, she was cwtched up behind me and DH had about 4' all to himself!

FloraPost Thu 16-Jul-15 09:29:37

We just got a superking for exactly this reason. It's been a sanity saver.

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