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'Wind your neck in' - boring, irritating, dismissive, unoriginal, condescending?

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HappyGirlNow Wed 15-Jul-15 12:16:06

This phrase. On many threads. From many posters.

Overused. Irritating. Surely the only suitable response is 'wind your own fucking neck in'. This is a discussion forum for people to air their views after all....

I'm finding it hard to explain why use of the phrase annoys me so much. Does it irritate anyone else like this? Maybe someone can articulate this better... blush

WorraLiberty Wed 15-Jul-15 12:20:10

I quite like it.

It reminds me of an ostrich poking it's head through a car window, at a safari park.

No idea why really confused

fuckthetaps Wed 15-Jul-15 12:23:19

Just reply " who do you think I am? Inspector gadget "

HamishBamish Wed 15-Jul-15 12:23:25

YANBU. It's rude and crass and way overused. Just lazy really.

HappyGirlNow Wed 15-Jul-15 12:24:03

worra grin maybe I need to just think of that and nothing else when I see it..

HappyGirlNow Wed 15-Jul-15 12:25:04

Phew some folk feel the same! Thought it might be just me...

Becauseicannes Wed 15-Jul-15 12:26:01

Can't stand it!

ShatnersBassoon Wed 15-Jul-15 12:27:21

I like it, and all other mildly confrontational put-downs. I've never said it, but I've had it said to me grin

TheHouseOnBellSt Wed 15-Jul-15 12:29:13

It's awful. I also hate "tear him a new one" which you see a lot on here and it's just disgusting!

WorraLiberty Wed 15-Jul-15 12:29:30

I have to admit I prefer, "Trunky want a bun?" grin

Which again is kind of animal/safari park based confused

Spartans Wed 15-Jul-15 12:29:46

Don't mind it myself.

In regards to it being a discussion forum, yes it is. However some people do think that it being a discussion forum allows them to have a go.

If wind your neck in isn't used, something else will be

Optimist1 Wed 15-Jul-15 12:30:35

I've never used it, but quite like it. It's very descriptive of correcting someone's body language when they're getting wound up.

MonstrousRatbag Wed 15-Jul-15 12:31:44

I think it's vulgar.

CrystalCove Wed 15-Jul-15 12:31:49

Yanbu. If everyone "wound their neck in" a lot of AIBU wouldn't exist!

NewFlipFlops Wed 15-Jul-15 12:34:08

I've used it once on here, I nicked it from Jeremy Kyle smile

I like it because it addresses over-shouty people who rant instead of expressing their opinion calmly.

wafflyversatile Wed 15-Jul-15 12:34:25

Depends what it's in response to!

As for unoriginal, when was the last time someone said something original.

Viviennemary Wed 15-Jul-15 12:35:01

I think it's really cheeky and ignorant.

NewFlipFlops Wed 15-Jul-15 12:35:12

Trunks want a bun? is fantastic grin

NewFlipFlops Wed 15-Jul-15 12:35:39

Trunky, even.

LuisSuarezTeeth Wed 15-Jul-15 12:36:34

I prefer "chill your beans"

TheHouseOnBellSt Wed 15-Jul-15 12:36:54

I don't get "trunky want a bun"

What does that mean?

BeautyQueenFromMars Wed 15-Jul-15 12:36:57

Oh, I thought it was another way of saying that someone was being nosy! So it means calm down, not mind your own business?

Nurserywindow Wed 15-Jul-15 12:37:06

A lot of phrases get over used on MN. Some people just latch onto things other people say and then keep trotting them out over and over and over.

'Judgmental', 'Passive Aggressive', 'mean spirited' etc.

A lot of the time they're not even used correctly. I think some posters are like children who have a new 'word of the moment', that they just love repeating.

WhereYouLeftIt Wed 15-Jul-15 12:37:49

I've never really understood the phrase <misses point entirely>. If you can wind your neck in, you must have had it stuck out in the first place. And I've only ever seen sticking your neck out for something/somebody as a good thing. confused

CelibacyCakeAndFuckThePO Wed 15-Jul-15 12:39:01

I'm in North West England and I keep hearing:

"Give your head a wobble"

Meaning "be quiet, do you know how ridiculous you sound"

I can't begin to explain the rage inside me when I hear/see it.

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