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Rant needed: Multi-level marketing and the 'mysterious' messages from those sucked in.

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natwebb79 Tue 14-Jul-15 20:26:35

I know IABU as this has been done to death. Apologies in advance. BUT. .. I am sick to the back teeth of otherwise lovely people going loopy when sucked into 'Forever Living' and co. I fully appreciate it's a handy sideline for those working around other commitments, but it's the whole 'If you're looking for an amazing opportunity to run your own business...' bullshit they pedal to the people close to them. 'PM me if you want to know more'. A lovely woman I know looked crushed when she sent a group email round about 'the launch of her mystery new business blah blah' and I replied saying 'Are you doing Forever Living? I might need you for the odd tube of BB cream if so'. She's spent the last week posting bullshit inspirational quotes on Facebook and can't actually talk any more without trying to rope people in. Her best friends have no idea she needs to sign them up to earn commission. Aaargh. Yes, I have blocked any more updates now so my bloid pressure will survive but seriously? Why can't they just say 'I'm earning a few quid flogging aloe vera products. You fancy it?' Why the bullshit?

notquitehuman Tue 14-Jul-15 20:35:59

I think they get given a bunch of Facebook statuses to copy and paste, which is why it sounds generic and crap.

TBH, once they're at the posting on Facebook level they've already been truly sucked in and handed over their cash. No point arguing with them at that point. It's depressing because it's so hard to find flexible, part time work, and they suck in mums for this reason. An acquaintance is currently trying to get me to go to sole candle party. Why the fuck would I buy candles at a special party? If these products are so good why can't you buy them in a shop?

There's my rant.

turdfairynomore Tue 14-Jul-15 20:47:45

Keep the aloe Vera junk-but I've got to admit I'm very fond scentsy! Not that I bought it-it was a gift. And I certainly don't want to sell them! But it's very lovely! (No idea why that's relevant to this thread....sorry!!)

natwebb79 Tue 14-Jul-15 20:59:06

Ha! You're right about the copy and paste updates. When I read them out to DH his response was 'She doesn't talk like that?!' grin

natwebb79 Thu 16-Jul-15 14:29:18

Oh great just seen another one. "Can't wait to embark on my new opportunity! "wink It's going to be Juice Plus isn't it?? Do they think we're thick?!

QuintShhhhhh Thu 16-Jul-15 14:34:02

They have to do it this way, because what they are selling is the excitement of "their new business", the product is just a bi-product, it does not matter.
The status updates can be YOURS if you sign up under her in whatever "pyramid scheme" it is.

I have a friend like that too- I thought she was cleverer than that, but I obviously misjudged her. Her husband is also falling for something similar, where they are flogging buy to let properties through mortgaging their own homes to the hilt. I am seriously worried about them.

Theycallmemellowjello Thu 16-Jul-15 14:38:59

I've never encountered anyone on one of these schemes but I actually take the view that if you're close enough to be emailed offers you're close enough to at least make some kind of effort to explain that these things are exploitative pyramid schemes. A simple outline of the facts. Then at least you might have planted a seed of uncertainty in their mind and hopefully they won't lose too much money. It's very sad.

QuintShhhhhh Thu 16-Jul-15 14:43:37

I am seeing "my ones" this weekend, will try have a word.

Sadly, I dont think I will get anywhere, as others have tried and been told they are jealous of their success and now belongs in the past. hmm

Beeswax2017 Thu 16-Jul-15 14:45:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

natwebb79 Thu 16-Jul-15 15:41:15

What Quint said unfortunately. somebody has tried to warn them but they just commented 'it's all legit, hun. Are you interested? '. It's like a cult.

borisgudanov Thu 16-Jul-15 16:21:05

if it all falls apart would they struggle to then gain employment afterwards

I should think so. If I were recruiting any CV that came across my desk with evidence of "experience" in this kind of bollocks would go straight in the bin on the basis that the applicant was full of bullshit and thick as mince.

ConfusedintheNorth Thu 16-Jul-15 16:26:29

Depends on what they're peddling and how they're doing it, alot of them are just pyramid schemes by another name. Having said that I was a Kleeneze rep for a year when I got made redundant and it paid the bills, lol.

JackSkellington Thu 16-Jul-15 17:49:59

I got a message like that from a friend once, on Facebook, completely different to the way she normally writes, along the lines of "I'm starting a new chapter in my life and I'd like you to join me for an informal drinks evening at (bar) so I can share this news with you", then more along the lines of "I hope you'll support me" etc. My first response was to ask if she'd been hacked, as it really sounded like one of those marketing scams. Turned out it was Arbonne, and they ask reps to send messages along those lines to get friends to come see a presentation and buy their overpriced products. hmm
I didn't go, a family member went to one without realising what it is and was pressured into buying expensive products they didn't want so luckily I knew that before unwittingly turning up!

JackSkellington Thu 16-Jul-15 17:50:39


natwebb79 Mon 20-Jul-15 09:12:31

Oh my word, just had a peek at the Juice Plus recruit's page and he's gone off the scale. 4 updates in one day with 'before and after' pictures of buff men looking (apparently) more buff after a few weeks of popping pills with dried fruit and veg in. Somebody's trying desperately to tell him that you could just eat fruit and veg but he's not having any of it. If you so much as fart in his direction you get an excited 'Will PM you and give you details!'. Scary shit.

FyreFly Mon 20-Jul-15 09:27:00

I will never comprehend a business model which depends on their sales reps pushing the business more than they push the products the business is supposedly built on.

That's not a business, that's a cult with moisturiser confused

FarFromAnyRoad Mon 20-Jul-15 09:29:39

That's not a business, that's a cult with moisturiser

grin grin


Hygge Mon 20-Jul-15 09:30:10

It's Herbalife all over my Facebook at the moment.

I don't know what it is, except it seems to involve drinking stuff for breakfast and telling everyone how thin it's making you.

And telling everyone who comments that they would make a great advocate for it themselves. Even though the person peddling whatever it is has only been pushing it on people for a fortnight herself.

borisgudanov Tue 21-Jul-15 21:34:40

" That's not a business, that's a cult with moisturiser"

What it is is a pyramid scheme.

Mermaid36 Tue 21-Jul-15 21:45:02

My husband has successfully lost quite a bit of weight with herbalife, but has not gone on to be a rep, despite being pressured quite a bit by his supplier.

But yes, all my friends/acquaintances are Juice Plus or Forever Living....The market must be saturated now surely! I keep getting asked to parties and meet ups to peddle the stuff...argh!

The best bit is that cos I've been actively losing weight, I get a lot of them offering me their weight loss products and they don't like it when I point out that I've done it through eating healthily and plenty of exercise, and I don't need aloe vera, shakes, tablets or anything else!

dodobookends Tue 21-Jul-15 21:51:24

I've known someone to chat to for ages, but due to our dc's difference in ages we won't see each other any more. On the very last time I saw her, she started telling me about how her dc had been putting Aloe Vera on their knee as it had been aching, and like a miracle, it was fine in no time. 'Fancy that' I said, 'I've got an Aloe Vera plant and we break a leaf off and use that'. We were just idly chatting, and she asked me what I was doing for work at the moment. We then watched our dc's in their dance show.

Just as we were saying a last goodbye, she said she would give me her card so we could keep in touch, and rummaged in her bag for it.

I took one look at the card and thought 'Oh...'

RhinosAreFatUnicorns Tue 21-Jul-15 22:07:15

The juice plus guide says not to mention the product. I had a nosey after a friend of mine started on about it. Hilarious!

OrlyIC Tue 21-Jul-15 22:21:18

We get them all the time on the local facebook page. Plenty of us call them out as being pyramid schemes but there's always someone interested. sad

fastdaytears Tue 21-Jul-15 22:25:07

Rhino that is amazing on so many levels. Anyone else want to take a red pen to it? The content is bad but the English is actually worse!

FarFromAnyRoad Tue 21-Jul-15 22:32:16

God Rhinos - can I get a refund on the time I just wasted reading that shite? They sure do love an apostrophe if nothing else!

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