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aibu to be a bit upset by this?

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MoaningLisa Tue 14-Jul-15 12:48:10

I started a new job in March. a friend I used to work with got me the job. it was on nights in a care home 3-4 nights a week.
in June my husband was offered a full time contract with a company working nights 40 hours per week on triple the amount I was earning.
I put a letter in to my manager asking to work 2 days per week, this was rejected. my employment came to an end. this was at beginning of July.

I had a text off of a collegue who started working there from another care home I used to work in before this last one asking if what she had heard was true and she hoped it wasn't. she's heard that I'd said that I had to leave my employment because I've told people that she took my hours and the company couldn't afford to keep me on. I was shocked by this ans told her that it wasn't true and said I'm upset that she'd think I'd say that.

I looked today on Facebook and noticed that the woman who got me the job has deleted me and the woman who text me hasn't replied to my text.

am I being unreasonable to be upset by it?
because in a way I am. my stepmum said to forget about it move on and leave them be. let them believe what they want to to believe and they obviously aren't the friends I thought they were if they'd listen to idle bullshit.

ssd Tue 14-Jul-15 12:50:05

that sounds a bit mean of them, dont blame you being upset at all thanks

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