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Next week.....

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squishyeyeballs Tue 14-Jul-15 11:19:12

Next week I'll spend more time playing with the kids

Next week we will all eat healthier

Next week I will get more cleaning done

Next week I will knock some of those bigger jobs off my to do list

Next week the children will watch less of the television babysitter

Next week they won't be teething so we'll get along a lot better

Next week I will get up an hour earlier and have all the househild stuff done before the kids get up

Next week I will have my assignment done on time instead of starting the night before it's due....

And the list goes on! grin 'Next week' has definitely become my mantra since having children. I feel like I'm constantly treading water and just managing to stay afloat. Am I the only one constantly promising myself it'll get better?? (I have got a 5 month old and 17 month old so I could probably be forgiven for some of my lapses grin )

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