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Re deleted thread: shouted at negligent Dr - Health professionals who damage us.

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chaiselounger Mon 13-Jul-15 17:14:00

I was on a thread over the last couple of days, that was deleted.

The op had voiced her hurt at being badly treated by nut being allowed a cs.
Many people thought that what op said to the doctor was inappropriate.

There were some concerns re truth of op and trolling.
I want to leave that bit behind.

I, and many others posted our experiences, really opening ourselves up.

I wish to call back those posters.

I would like to continue the conversation, on a general basis.

There are many of us who have been damaged by doctors, midwives, social workers, schools etc.

I was hoping we could continue this discussion and maybe make some headway: maybe you could help me, and we could help each other, to heal, and get perspective.

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