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To not want a flag hanging from my house?

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PlumFairy2014 Mon 13-Jul-15 16:54:07

We have builders working on the roof, I've just got home and they have attached a GB flag to the top of the scaffolding. AIBU to think you shouldn't do this?!
I don't entirely know why, but I don't like it. This is my home not a ship!

PotteringAlong Mon 13-Jul-15 16:56:38

I wouldn't like it either. Tell them to remove it.

Backforthis Mon 13-Jul-15 16:58:53

How bloody odd. I'd make them remove it too.

PlumFairy2014 Mon 13-Jul-15 17:00:50

Glad to know I'm not being ridiculous.
They've gone home, but I'll ask them in the morning.

MagicalHamSandwich Mon 13-Jul-15 17:01:48

YANBU. TBH the only people I've ever met who do this tend to have the sort of nationalistic tendencies that I entirely disapprove of. Wouldn't want to be associated with that.

FirstOfficerDouglasRichardson Mon 13-Jul-15 17:01:50

How strange. If it was for the Olympics I could maybe understand it, but just for the sake of it... I'd ask them to take it down.

MitzyLeFrouf Mon 13-Jul-15 17:02:52

Weird. Surely the homeowner gets to decide whether there's a flag pinned to their roof!

HelloNewman Mon 13-Jul-15 17:04:43

A GB flag - as in a union flag?

People might think you're a UKIP type!

I would definitely get them to take it down, cheeky feckers.

feetheart Mon 13-Jul-15 17:05:35

Just a thought - N Irish builders? It's a big day for bloody flags today!

MitzyLeFrouf Mon 13-Jul-15 17:05:45

Ask them to swap it for a Jolly Roger.

TinyManticore Mon 13-Jul-15 17:05:55

How rude. I'd be most put out.

MitzyLeFrouf Mon 13-Jul-15 17:06:01

Don't ask them for a jolly roger though.

plutonimum Mon 13-Jul-15 17:06:57

I like that phrase: "This is my home, not a ship!" It gets across your irritation without setting yourself up in class or national or any other kind of opposition. smile

Ver1tyPushpram Mon 13-Jul-15 17:09:22

How long are they going to be there, what sort of relationship have you with them, how reliable/professional are they and how long does it take to find a decent builder/roofer in your area?

I wouldn't like it either, but considering the wait round here to get anything done I'd avert my eyes if it was only for a few days.

Doesn't mean I'd let them do anything they wanted, if they were cat calling or making a nuisance of themselves to neighbours I'd stand up to them straight away.

Pumpkinpositive Mon 13-Jul-15 17:09:23

I would be seriously put out if someone did that and spitting tacks if it was a UJ.

snowglobemouse Mon 13-Jul-15 17:49:06

are you in Northern Ireland?

PlumFairy2014 Mon 13-Jul-15 17:54:03

No I'm in South England.

WorraLiberty Mon 13-Jul-15 17:56:15

The type of flag is a red herring really

The fact is they've put a flag there without your permission


SenecaFalls Mon 13-Jul-15 17:58:58

That is very odd. It would even be odd here in the States where there is quite a bit of flag-flying. To put up a flag on someone's property without consulting them is strange behavior.

SmillasSenseOfSnow Mon 13-Jul-15 18:03:04

More than one person has mentioned the Union Jack as if it's the worst possible thing... surely the St George's flag is the ultimate in looking like an uneducated oaf?

Scout19075 Mon 13-Jul-15 18:06:56

But if it's on the scaffolding than surely that's the builders' property and he can do what he likes with it...? Though I'm American and we're all about the flags over there. The lack of patriotism in England frightens me sometimes.

steff13 Mon 13-Jul-15 18:09:32

But if it's on the scaffolding than surely that's the builders' property and he can do what he likes with it.

This was my thought, too. Unless I've misunderstood, and they've actaully affixed the flag to your house?

WayneRooneysHair Mon 13-Jul-15 18:09:47

I'd just be glad that it's not the St George's Cross.

Trapper Mon 13-Jul-15 18:10:09

That lack of patriotism frightens you? I think patriotism is far more scary.

eventay Mon 13-Jul-15 18:11:31

No real harm if its a UK flag, but they should have asked you before for permission ans you would have been in your rights to have said no.

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