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ESA / JSA or nothing?! Help please?

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Fizzielove Mon 13-Jul-15 14:06:56

I'm at a complete loss at to what to do?! For the first time ever I have no work. All the interviews I've gone to have turned me down �� so I'm going to have to sign on. I'm my dads carer as well. I don't know what to apply for, what can I apply for ? Help?

bananatrunk Mon 13-Jul-15 14:13:56

If your dad is getting DLA/PIP/Attendance Allowance you can claim Carers Allowance. If your income/assets are low enough you can get income support to top it up. Otherwise you'd have to sign on to get JSA. ESA is for people who are too sick to work.

Fizzielove Mon 13-Jul-15 14:15:32

Thanks Bananatrunk I didn't know ESA was for that! I know absolutely nothing about signing on! Probably won't get anything as DH is working!

OldBloodCallsToOldBlood Mon 13-Jul-15 14:16:51

Well, you've not mentioned that you're ill, so not ESA. That replaced the old Incapacity Benefit and is for people too ill to work.

Are you married or living with a partner? If yes, then you'll have to do a joint claim and their income will be taken into account. It sounds like you'll be eligible for JSA, since you're looking for work. You could possibly claim Carer's Allowance instead, but I would recommend claiming JSA if you're actually looking for work as the amount is slightly higher.

Don't panic, it all seems horribly complicated but it isn't really. I would recommend completing the Turn2us benefits calculator as that will give you a good idea of what you're entitled to. I can't paste the link, so you'll have to google it.

OldBloodCallsToOldBlood Mon 13-Jul-15 14:19:25

If you've worked for the past two years, you'll probably be eligible for contributions-based JSA. That's based off the National Insurance you've paid and your DH's income won't be looked at. You can only get it for six months, then your DH's income would be taken into account and you'd switch to income-based JSA if you qualify, which isn't likely if your DH is working.

bananatrunk Mon 13-Jul-15 14:22:00

If you have a DH who works you wouldn't get an income support top up. You could get Carers Allowance but as pp said it is lower than JSA. You could get contributions based JSA for max six months providing you have paid NI contributions for the last couple of years. That would mean that it doesn't depend on your DH's income and they wouldn't ask about savings.

Fizzielove Mon 13-Jul-15 15:32:52

Thanks to everyone! I was gobsmacked at the JSA form they sent out! Asks you for ALL info except what you had for breakfast!!

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