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To be thinking about dating again

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spideymum Sun 12-Jul-15 12:44:34

Cut a long story short my sons Dad left me 4 months ago still ironing out contact money etc but for me the crucial point is I actually don't want him back here.

Anyway went to a party with a friend and her boyfriend last night and met a man who seems to be lovely. Good looking and well spoken just my cup of tea. He tried chatting me up but due to being in a relationship so long and the party environment I felt a little bit uncomfortable and may have been a little short with him. He was lovely though and polite my friends boyfriend started telling me on the way home that this guy his friend had been asking about me all night.

So what I'm asking is would it be very strange of me to get his number and give him a call. I'm not looking to jump into a heavy new relationship just have a little chat and see where it leads. Have I blown it with seemingly lovely man and is it too early to be thinking about dating?

spideymum Sun 12-Jul-15 12:45:30

And as an aside to all the previous posters who told me things do get better and not to let my ex carry on taking the p thank you so very much you were correct smile

Preciousbane Sun 12-Jul-15 12:53:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sallyingforth Sun 12-Jul-15 14:47:51

I agree with precious that you shouldn't be rushing into something on the rebound.
But I don't see any harm in a casual date with this guy, taking it very easy of course.
You can tell him that you've just broken up and are not looking for an immediate relationship, and if he really is worthwhile he will be happy to give you some space.

Purplepoodle Sun 12-Jul-15 15:10:01

It's a short time BUT if u were open at the start and told him u wanted to keep things as just friends for the next few months. Perhaps jut see him once a week for coffee or a movie. Get to know him

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