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to not have a skincare regime?

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KindergartenKop Sun 12-Jul-15 12:00:49

I went for a massage and facial recently (gift) and the clinique lady said I really did need to buy some of her overpriced gunge for my face. I was a bit hmm
My skincare regime is as follows: wash face with water in shower. Rub with towel. Apply body shop body butter (v dry skin).


orangefive Sun 12-Jul-15 13:36:52

This is my regime too, except I use olay make up remover when I've worn makeup, and no moisturiser cos it brings out spots.

Mrsmorton Sun 12-Jul-15 13:44:52

Yes, my routine is similar except sunscreen on face every day.

Mrsmorton Sun 12-Jul-15 13:45:15


WhereYouLeftIt Sun 12-Jul-15 14:34:27

But you DO have a skincare regime! It just doesn't involve unnecessary stuff. And it is the same regime as me, except I use Aveeno rather than body butter (very moisturising to my dry skin, 'sinks in' well and feels good).


U2TheEdge Sun 12-Jul-15 14:38:43

I have a quite intense one as I had cystic acne and it got 99.9% better when I started using acid toners and retin a.

I wish I had good enough skin so I don't need a regime. Although saying that, I quite enjoy doing mine.

My mum looks amazing and she only ever used Johnson's baby lotion. She recently tried stepping it up but it wasn't for her and she has gone back to her baby lotion.

TheWitTank Sun 12-Jul-15 14:42:50

YANBU if that works for you and you are happy with it. If I could get away with it I would! Sadly my skin is a bit lotmore temperamental and flares up at the mere hint of anything not Liz Earle.

LashesandLipstick Sun 12-Jul-15 14:43:54

YABU if you don't want to get wrinkly.

Welshmaenad Sun 12-Jul-15 14:47:59

Nonsense, you don't need overpriced gunk to avoid wrinkles. It's mostly genetic anyhow.

My regime is similar to the OPs except I use coconut oil instead of body butter. I was recently ID'd for booze in Morrisons. I'm 34.

CloserToFiftyThanTwenty Sun 12-Jul-15 14:49:38

Lucky you that this is all you need to do to get away with passable skin...

WhereYouLeftIt Sun 12-Jul-15 14:50:28

Everybody gets wrinkly eventually Lashes or dies young. Ain't no overpriced unguent ever been invented that will prevent that. No matter how much they spend on advertising.

ThoseAwfulCurtains Sun 12-Jul-15 14:52:06

I'd have a regime if it meant I didn't get hundreds of milia. They're genetic - thanks DF and sorry DS - so I cba sad

ginmakesitallok Sun 12-Jul-15 14:53:57

Both my gran and mil have/had fabulous skin, both just used soap and emulsifying ointment. If the overpriced anti wrinkle stuff actually worked it would need a medicines licence.

LashesandLipstick Sun 12-Jul-15 14:56:39

WhereYouLeftIt you can vastly reduce how many you get though, and how good you look.

Also since when is Clinique overpriced? It's pretty reasonable, it's not like it's £100s

WhereYouLeftIt Sun 12-Jul-15 14:56:42

Oh, my grandmother had lovely lovely skin. She attributed it to never wearing makeup. I take after the other side of the family.

LashesandLipstick Sun 12-Jul-15 14:57:38

Gin, look into scientific skincare, there's evidence supporting stuff like retin-A, AHAs, BHAs etc.

SmillasSenseOfSnow Sun 12-Jul-15 15:00:29

ThoseAwfulCurtains thanks for reminding me of that word, I had forgotten that I'd accidentally stumbled across what those things are called. I've started getting them on my face in the last two years. I get maybe one every two or three months. I end up digging them out, what else are you supposed to do? sad

SmillasSenseOfSnow Sun 12-Jul-15 15:03:13

I'm pretty sure Retin-A is a prescription-only medicine, Lashes. You can get small amounts of retinol in over the counter products.

U2TheEdge Sun 12-Jul-15 15:05:40

Yes, retin a will slow down wrinkles extremely well. It is backed up by science. As will AHA/BHA. Sure, lots of stuff promises the world and doesn't deliver, but there are products out there that can slow down wrinkles, retin a being the best.

My mum has very young looking skin so a lot of it is genetic, but there are things you can do to help if you are so inclined.

Sunscreen also.

U2TheEdge Sun 12-Jul-15 15:06:19

It is prescription only yes. But you can buy it online without one. Like lots of us on MN do.

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Sun 12-Jul-15 15:08:18

Smillas official advice is take them out with a sterilised needle, but do it sideways rather than go down into the skin more than necessary, if that makes sense.

SycamoreMum Sun 12-Jul-15 15:08:25

One word: wrinkles. Just a good moisturiser especially for your skin type and sunscreen will do wonders. No need for a ton of potions and make up.

LashesandLipstick Sun 12-Jul-15 15:10:54

It is but you can buy it online. U2hastheEdge is right

U2TheEdge Sun 12-Jul-15 15:12:17


I think I am going to change my username to U2HasTheEdge! It is much better than my user name grin

LashesandLipstick Sun 12-Jul-15 15:13:30

U2 ah I misread it! grin

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