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To not want live next to endless bloody parties!

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snowgirl29 Sat 11-Jul-15 22:41:32

OK it's the middle of summer and I probably ABU but every other sodding night! Someone make it stop.

Being deliberately vague so not to out myself. Bcan't just up and move. Oh how I wish I could. I live in rented property (SH). I know to expect some noise. Tis Summer after all. But it's a built up residential area with plenty of Pensioners and plenty of young families who don't want to have to listen to your God awful music until the early dawn. I'm not joking either. The last two parties ended at 3am. sad

snowgirl29 Sat 11-Jul-15 22:42:47

Eeek. So many spelling errors. Sorry.

FarFromAnyRoad Sat 11-Jul-15 22:43:51

Well YANBU of course - is it one particular house responsible or a few of them? Have you spoken to other neighbours to see what they think?

snowgirl29 Sat 11-Jul-15 23:07:52

It's a few of them. I've spoken to my nearest neighbour and they're very unhappy too.
I just think it's so unfair of them to have such blatant disregard for your fellow neighbours.

JessFine Sat 11-Jul-15 23:12:22

I feel for you, there's a big party over the road here, my house is vibrating sad I'm so glad I don't live either side.

Our area is half student, half normal - people would say 'what do you expect?'

Spog Sat 11-Jul-15 23:28:19

you could tip off the police anonymously and say that drugs are being dealt at these parties. cops'd be round in a shot.

GingerCuddleMonster Sat 11-Jul-15 23:33:14

I feel your pain, next doors party have woken DS up..he has now cried for about 20mins non stop

setting fire to their back garden would be "dramatic" wouldn't it envy....

ILikeCheesee Sun 12-Jul-15 00:29:19

Had a neighbour like this before, I moved I couldn't take it plus his friends were constantly walking/standing outside of my windows. No privacy and no peace, I had enough and left

snowgirl29 Sun 12-Jul-15 09:26:48

Spog I have thought of that before but at the same time I don't want any repercussions. One of the culprits. Had three parties in a row recently until 3am in the morning. He shouted and swore at my DCs yesterday because their ball went in his garden. ONCE. hmm

I never rang 101 in the end but somebody else did. It was that loud last night the police had to knock three times before they could hear them! shock. There's two houses near me that both have young babies. It was probably those that rang and I don't blame them.

gingercuddlemonster yes it would be dramatic unfortunately. Understandable still. grin

IlikeCheesee I'd love nothing more to leave this area. I got this house after I left a dv relationship. I'm on the list for a move but I'm repeatedly told by the housing officials I stand little if no chance of ever getting a move. Still hoping my lottery numbers come up one week! wink

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