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nokidshere Sat 11-Jul-15 01:25:08

In the street that backs on to ours there is an assisted living house for autistic adults. It has been there for around 3 years now and has been no problem at all.

In the last 3 months or so the noise has been really noticeable. Loud shouts, screeching and groaning on s regular basis. Whilst this is fine generally., it's really beginning to affect us at night. The noises started at 11 tonight and is still going on now and keeping me awake. LAst night it was particulary bad at 3am and woke me up.

I don't know if they have anew resident who is particulary vocal, or if they have new staff who just don't care, either way it's driving me mad.

WIBU to complain about it? Not sure who too though, I think it's a private place. Part of me worries that someone is being mistreated and the other part of me just wants them to STFU and let me get some sleep!!!

missingmumxox Sat 11-Jul-15 01:28:54

No like a normal person report it

Beautifulhorizon Sat 11-Jul-15 01:32:43

Could you visit the house to speak to the staff?

I sympathise with you but I think you should prepare yourself for some critical responses.

ProudAS Sat 11-Jul-15 06:41:08

Autistic adult here

You should not have to put up with it. It can be particularly difficult for some individuals to be quiet but that does not lessen the neighbours' need for sleep or the effect that disturbed nights could have on their health. There may well be something more serious going on but that does not make the noise OK.

A lot of individuals with autism are hyper sensitive to house so I would hope that they would be understanding about the problems it can cause. Maybe a resident has been going down the garden when they feel a meltdown coming rather than disturb other residents but a soundproof room would be a better place for them to go to. Autism does not absolve an individual of their duty to consider other human beings.

nokidshere Sat 11-Jul-15 08:56:31

Thanks Proudas

I'm not insensitive to their particular problems, and, as I said, they have been there a few years already with no problems for any of us. Which is why I haven't really done anything about it for the past few months. But it's hot. I need the windows open and I need some sleep. And the noise is almost every night now.

And part of me thinks I should call someone to go and check on them, rather than knock on the door, just in case the noise is due to mistreatment rather than just meltdowns.

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