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To resign by email?

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Pohtaytoh Thu 09-Jul-15 11:45:23

Shamelessly posting for traffic.

Due back to work on 25th August, had a back to work meeting 4 weeks ago to discuss flexible working request. As agreed in the meeting, 2 weeks after the meeting received a response declining my requesting offering full time 30 mins earlier start/finish no surprise there with a pretty crappy reason but hey ho . The letter requested i confirm my plans by 11th July. I have a 4 week notice period so though i had until 27th July to tell them i wasn't coming back but now panicking. Am away, to hit their deadline (if i have to) i'll have to email my resignation. Is this acceptable?

Pumpkinpositive Thu 09-Jul-15 11:49:38

Well, if you're away, and you want to resign, it's inevitable that you will have to contact them by letter or email. Even if you phoned, they'd want it in writing, surely?

So between letter and email, email seems more sensible as it will arrive immediately and doesn't run the risk of being lost in the post.

Do you want to resign?

AnUtterIdiot Thu 09-Jul-15 11:54:39

27th July is your deadline to tell them what you're doing, it doesn' t mean your notice has to take effect by then (unless they have told you something different). If you would like the extra time to think about your options then use it. But no reason why you shouldn't resign via email on the face of it. Offer to send it in hard copy if they want you to.

AnUtterIdiot Thu 09-Jul-15 11:59:40

Sorry, misread. 11th July is the deadline to tell them your plans. Notice period doesn't matter because you'll either work your notice or be paid in lieu whenever you give notice. But yes, no reason not to email.

x2boys Thu 09-Jul-15 12:01:54

i resigned recently by email similar thing i worked for the nhs i was advised by a union rep to resign by email so i think its acceptable.

WhatsTheT Thu 09-Jul-15 12:02:40

Completely acceptable in my opinion. Where I work I have access to the whole email system and regularly have to divert things to the right person, I've had a few email resignations, the boss never thinks any differently to a handwritten one. Just tell them that if they need it in writing to let you know.

I'm in the same position as you at the moment, I've asked for shorter hours after my mat leave they have said "yes we will have to see how it goes in practice" which to me means they know in practice they won't be happy, but they want to gather evidence lol.

lornathewizzard Thu 09-Jul-15 12:06:13

I did this recently , perfectly acceptable I would say.

NanFlanders Thu 09-Jul-15 12:09:46

Fine. You could attach a scanned in copy of the letter and advise that the hard copy is in the post, but from the point of view of getting it in on time, absolutely fine.

Nydj Thu 09-Jul-15 12:13:45

You can give more than the notice specified in your contract so you can resign now and give notice to end employment on 25 August if you want. alternatively, if your contract just asks for resignation in writing then it can be done by email.

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