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Aibu to go to the doctor yet again

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Doubtfuldaphne Thu 09-Jul-15 10:29:52

I feel like I've spent my last few months there constantly. Nearly every week! Dd was there last week with chickenpox as I was worried about her cough which started just before the pox. Gp said her chest was clear. Her spots have nearly all disappeared but she's still coughing. She's fine otherwise.
We're due to go on holiday tomorrow. Would I be unreasonable to just ask them to listen to her chest to put my mind at ease?

GertrudeBell Thu 09-Jul-15 10:36:00

I wouldn't go to the doctors just for a cough… Does she have any other symptoms (such as a high temperature) which are indicative of a bacterial infection?

ppeatfruit Thu 09-Jul-15 10:38:13

Well as it's your DD and you're going away maybe you should ,if it was you I'd say take echinacea and don't worry the doc. again grin

Doubtfuldaphne Thu 09-Jul-15 10:38:17

No she doesn't. Her breathing is ok. No temp. She's sleeping a little more than usual but that's all.

ppeatfruit Thu 09-Jul-15 10:40:10

How old is she?

Doubtfuldaphne Thu 09-Jul-15 10:45:39

She's 4.

ppeatfruit Thu 09-Jul-15 11:22:52

IIWM I'd take some echinacea with me on holiday, maybe cut down on dairy and enjoy my time away grin

callamia Thu 09-Jul-15 11:28:17

Coughs with chicken pox are normal - it's how the virus spreads. If she has no other symptoms, then is wait for it to runs its course and not worry. Coughs can linger a bit, but it's other symptoms that would make me worry.

WaitingForEgg Thu 09-Jul-15 11:29:49

No I wouldn't take her but she is your daughter, do what you feel is right. coughs can linger for ages and as long as she is otherwise well it isn't anything to worry about. Make sure you have travel insurance and check there is a doctor at/near the hotel just in case.

Janette123 Thu 09-Jul-15 11:57:59

Do you have a nurse practitioner at your surgery you could see?

Failing that, ask advice from your Health Visitor at the local Health Clinic, they deal with children up to 5 years old.

brusselsproutwarning Thu 09-Jul-15 12:02:30

My dd coughs lasts ages ,they really do. However for peace of mind I'd probably bring her. The last thing you want on holiday is a sick child.

Doubtfuldaphne Thu 09-Jul-15 12:18:22

Thanks everyone, I explained the situation and said I was unsure and they just said bring her in to see the nurse practitioner. For peace of mind mainly.
I kept reading that a cough should be watched closely with chickenpox as it can indicate a more serious problem. However she's not struggling to breathe or anything.
Anyway. I shall go then stop worrying and get ready for tomorrow.

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