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To really want cheek fillers???

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bigfatnc Thu 09-Jul-15 01:40:52

Would really like to try this but also super concerned at the potential for dodgy side effects that won't go away till product fades. Am I BU to think it might be a great idea? I'm relatively young but fucking miserable about my suddenly very sagging cheeks. I've got relatively weak cheekbones, my youthful bloom was all I had! Although... Have seen some cases where it is clear that someone has had this treatment (and others where you would never have known). Anyone tried this? Got any advice /words of wisdom?

madwomanbackintheattic Thu 09-Jul-15 02:08:20

I think you need to find something else to be fucking miserable about, tbh.

If your entire self esteem depends on hamster cheeks, then you have much bigger things to worry about than what you think you look like.


paxtecum Thu 09-Jul-15 05:57:13

My cheeks have recently become very crepey wrinkly, but I'll look like a pillow face if I have fillers.

God only knows what shite and toxins are in them.

I'll just rub in the rosehip oil and embrace the natural aging process.

thenumberseven Thu 09-Jul-15 08:14:03

A work colleague (male) and a customer (femail) whos' fillers looked wonky spring to mind.
After a while one cheek didn't look as plump as the other and had a sort of dent.

Could you try facial exercise? you wouldn't get big instant cheeks but you may be able to lift the sag.

ObeseDenise Thu 09-Jul-15 08:19:21

Cheeky fillers are one of the most glaringly obvious cosmetic procedures imo.

They give you that wax figure-esque hamster face. Not a good look.

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