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to ask you all for a much needed hug

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JustOneMoreSliceOfCakePlease Tue 07-Jul-15 23:18:39

Dh has left, it's been a long time coming and I have no idea how to tell my beautiful little dd. She's 6, she's the most empathetic lovely little thing you could ever meet and I know she will just be crushed. I'm heartbroken.
I also have a robust cheeky laud back 2 year old ds who is fine as long as he's got his boob and I think he's young enough to adjust pretty quickly.
Any advice on where to start? What to say?

WannabeLaraCroft Tue 07-Jul-15 23:21:44

No advice I'm afraid but I'll give you a big <hug>


JustOneMoreSliceOfCakePlease Tue 07-Jul-15 23:24:08

Thank you

AngularMurky Tue 07-Jul-15 23:24:31

You might get some constructive advice on the relationships board.


ASettlerOfCatan Tue 07-Jul-15 23:29:49

No advice but a huge hug and flowers

Ohfourfoxache Tue 07-Jul-15 23:34:46

I second Angular's suggestion of going to relationships - loads of support and good advice to be had.

Sending a huge <hug>. You can do this thanks

elephantoverthehill Tue 07-Jul-15 23:38:03

Just be honest - but very gently. It is tough but play through the conversation in your head and explain it simply

Fatmomma99 Tue 07-Jul-15 23:39:58

Sorry, no advice either, but good luck. Hope you are all better off without. flowers

Twistedheartache Tue 07-Jul-15 23:53:23

My dd is younger than yours (4) but I was advised that she wouldn't understandable emotional side - daddy doesn't love mummy any more but still loves you etc - and focus on the practical (he moved away) - daddy has a new job and is going to live with nanny & grandad but will still see you x & we can facetime whenever you want.
4 months on she says when daddy still lived here xyz, but seems to be used to the idea that it's just 3 of us etc
Also advised not to make it a scary serious come & sit down conversation
Obviously at 6 your dd will understand more & depends on circumstances. Has she got any friends who just live with mum? That helped my explanation too.
Good luck, and look after yourself. Your life has turned upside down too

JustOneMoreSliceOfCakePlease Wed 08-Jul-15 00:02:10

Thanks twisted I am going to try and keep it as simple as possible for her. She knows my parents split up when I was young and my dad has a wife and d another child years after us and she seems to understand that situation. She adores Dh so I'm expecting a bit of anger/upset towards me but I'm feeling strong enough to deal with it all (at the minute)

AdeleDazeem Wed 08-Jul-15 00:07:37

<hugs> flowers wine
Be very kind to yourself

Ludoole Wed 08-Jul-15 00:26:01

I told my ds's that daddy and i both loved them very much but daddy and i were making each other unhappy. I told them they would still see lots of their dad but we wouldnt all be living in the same house anymore. Fast forward 9 and a half years and i have a 12 and 15 year old who have a fantastic relationship with both parent smile.
Its been hard at times (their dad was sleeping with other women prostitutes) but the boys still dont know this and my ex and i worked hard at the beginning to be civil and never spoke ill of each other that was difficult at times!! We now get on pretty well thankfully!
Im sure you will find the right words and i wish you every success in moving forward flowers

Morganly Wed 08-Jul-15 00:32:17

Is he going to see her? Has he any thoughts about how he is going to explain to her why he's left?

JustOneMoreSliceOfCakePlease Wed 08-Jul-15 01:18:33

Yes he will see her for a few hours once a week due to work commitments (he doesn't see her much more than this now so it won't be a huge shock)
I have spoken until I'm blue in the face a about hiw we need to approach the subject and he's not interested. I think it will be something I have to do alone unfortunately.

SorchaN Wed 08-Jul-15 04:47:11

Hugs to you.
It's never easy. But you will get through it.
Good luck. flowers

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