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To just want to get things done?

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TobleroneBoo Mon 06-Jul-15 16:09:49

Awaiting call from Estate Agent on Friday. They call as I'm on the train so I ask DP to call them. He does and they have no idea what he's on about (their words). I call when I get off the train, 20 minutes before they close. No answer at all, then they close.

They call at 9 on Saturday - "I'm waiting to hear back from Vendor, will call you later today"

I'm still waiting for that call. Emailed them today, they asked when I can do, I told them, I'm still awaiting a response.

Wanted to buy an experience from Red Letter Days and these had 25% off. The experience I wanted to buy didn't specify whether it was for one or two people and item description was misleading. Tweeted them Friday, got a response at lunchtime today.

Their response wasn't clear but eventually found out it was for one. The voucher code expired over the weekend but they provided me with one. Went back on website and found deal, two exactly the same but the other £2 cheaper. Refresh page and that one has gone which is typical. Not a lot of money but still.

Find what I want, go to pay - there is nowhere to put voucher code. I tweet them this and they ask me to provide my telephone number.

No thanks, found better and cheaper deal on Asda Gifts.

Please excuse my ranting, I just feel like some things are just bloody hard work!!!!!!

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