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To take my In Laws on holiday?

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mamabluestar Mon 06-Jul-15 14:30:46

We booked a Sun holiday for the first Friday to Monday of the school holidays. MIL & FIL haven't had a holiday this year and do lots for us and SIL so offered to upgrade for them to come. Ive just called the Park Resorts site and they are fully booked so we cant change the booking.

Would it be unreasonable to let DC (7&4) sleep in the living room, with make shift beds as no pull out beds apparently, so they can come with us?

mmollytoots Mon 06-Jul-15 14:32:23

you know for a fact yanbu so stop acting smug

Wittynewnameifonly Mon 06-Jul-15 14:39:34

Why is she being smug mmollytoots?!

Op - Yanbu

SleepIsOverrated Mon 06-Jul-15 14:42:09

I'd sling the children on camp beds in your room rather than in the living room myself - grim otherwise when they need to sleep and you want to be awake in the evenings.

mmollytoots Mon 06-Jul-15 14:43:19

Ops in-laws are fantastic we are going to take them away.

Contrary to the usual in law abuse on mumsnet.

It's only a status for people to say what a nice thing for you to do etc.

Op is obviously not being unreasonable but yet feels the need to post it.

That's what I mean by smug

DeladionInch Mon 06-Jul-15 14:44:14

Wow, mmolly, what an unnecessary post hmm

Mama I'd have thought it would depend on fire regulations??

ILovedYouYesterday Mon 06-Jul-15 14:45:33

Well, you should check if the resort will allow you to have six people in a four bed unit.

If they say it's OK then go for it.

Unless it'll be a nightmare and no one will get any sleep and it will not be much of a break for you...

Wouldn't fancy it myself but I am perhaps a bit fussy about there not being enough chairs, bathrooms, toilets etc

mmollytoots Mon 06-Jul-15 14:45:34

Sorry if its rude but the op is a bit 'arent I fabulous for doing this'

Teabagbeforemilk Mon 06-Jul-15 14:46:09

YANBU we go on holiday with my mum and dad alot. DH loves it, he and dad get on especially well, but would not want to with his own parents (always late, nearly miss the plane every time)

Mum and dad own a caravan at one of the park resorts and we do as you plan if we are all there together.

NerrSnerr Mon 06-Jul-15 14:46:18

Personally I'd sleep in the living room, not the kids so you can stay up later than the children.

Mrsjayy Mon 06-Jul-15 14:47:33

No she is asking if her kids should sleep in the livingroom that is no way smug anyway id let the kids have a room and you and dh sleep on the pull down bed least you and the il can stay up in the evenings when the kids are in bed

Heathcliff27 Mon 06-Jul-15 14:48:26

YANBU, we did it in Oct last year, similar holiday but log cabin rather than caravan. We paid cabin they paid food, everyones a winner.

LazyLouLou Mon 06-Jul-15 14:48:45

Yes, YABU... kids sleeping in the living space will really cramp the adult time after the kids go to bed. And as at 7+4 bed time will be early that means no fun, chat, chilling time for 4 adults.

Then you can start thinking about fire regs, maximum occupancy, if it is fair to the holiday company to sneak 6 into a holiday for 4, etc etc etc

Groovee Mon 06-Jul-15 14:50:30

I'd be careful as you normally need passes for entertainment etc and they may not have them down as part of a head count if anything happens.

Most caravans we have stayed in have a pull our double in the living room.

Mrsjayy Mon 06-Jul-15 14:53:32

Oh i misread entirely i wouldnt sneak them in

Heathcliff27 Mon 06-Jul-15 14:55:50

Didnt read it that way either, no I wouldnt sneak them in but most if the caravans i've stayed in have extra sleeping in the living room so wonder why they cant add another two to your booking. If they did I would sleep in living room with DH and let the others have the rooms

Mrsjayy Mon 06-Jul-15 15:05:22

I used to own a caravan and there was always guests being asked to leave for over occupancy so sneaking in is dodgy territory strange they wont change the booking though

Babymamamama Mon 06-Jul-15 15:25:17

Unreasonable to your children? Or to park resorts? I'm not clear on the point of your Aibu?

NerrSnerr Mon 06-Jul-15 15:28:02

Oh I wouldn't sneak them in. Holiday camps are really strict about it.

StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes Mon 06-Jul-15 16:01:54

if the hol company were ok about over occupying I would put kids in the bedroom on a blow up airbed top and tailed, then sleep in the bed ourselves and give PIL the other bedroom.

maz210 Mon 06-Jul-15 16:02:00

I've asked about this before with our regular holiday park as there would have been 7 of us in a 6 berth chalet but one was a baby. I thought the park might let us purchase an extra entertainment pass but it was a definite no from them due to insurance - they said they aren't covered if they go over the maximum occupancy for the unit.

You could probably get away with it but your in laws won't be able to use any park facilities such as pools or clubhouses.

I wouldn't risk it this time, just book a larger unit next time so you can go together above board.

YBR Mon 06-Jul-15 16:32:29

I don't think you can do this - if the the hol company says no space then I'm sorry you thought about it too late.
I have been away with my in-laws and it was wonderful so I'm not against it in principle. Plan your next holiday with them instead.

mamabluestar Mon 06-Jul-15 17:25:59

Definitely not smug or insecure enough to even think of posting for that reason!! I just wanted honest thoughts to the question I asked - thank you to those that have been helpful

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