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WIBU to have kicked these dogs?

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NomiMalone Sun 05-Jul-15 15:56:34

We're on holiday and walked to the (very quiet, dog friendly) beach. DP realised we'd forgotten DD's bucket and spade so he walked back to the caravan with DS in the sling. Me, DD and Ddog walked onto the beach with Ddog on her lead (I wasn't going to let her off till we had got way further down to a clear part of the beach). There was a group of adults with a few dogs to our right so we walked the other way.

All of a sudden one of these dogs (turns out there were 3) ran at us barking and snarling and started to try to bite poor soft friendly lump Ddog. Two other dogs from the same group, again not on lead and again barking and snarling, followed and joined in attacking Ddog. DD got knocked over and was screaming.

A protective red mist kicked in. I kicked the dogs. Hard. Repeatedly until I managed to extricate Ddog and DD and the stupid feckless owner who fucking SAUNTERED over came and got them. I then gave him an earful and a half.


Yes it's a dog friendly beach but surely that only applies to dogs who can behave off the lead and who won't attack other (well behaved) dogs?

ArmySal Sun 05-Jul-15 15:59:11

YANBU. I'd have booted the fuckers too if I thought my dog was under attack.

WorraLiberty Sun 05-Jul-15 16:01:14

Why do you think you might have been unreasonable OP?

Do you feel there was something else you could have done instead?

GahBuggerit Sun 05-Jul-15 16:01:42

yanbu. i love dogs and cant bear cruelty to any animal.....but one got hold of my girl when she was 6 months old by her leg puncturing her muscle. the owner did nothing, until i kicked shit out of his dog then he threatened me. until my 6ft odd brick shithouse of a dp came out of the shop that is......

Backforthis Sun 05-Jul-15 16:01:51

Do you really need to ask? You reacted on instinct and were protecting your dog. Having said that you need to consider your own welfare in the future. If you get between dogs that are biting you could end up very badly injured.

Turnipsandtrumpets2u Sun 05-Jul-15 16:02:07

3 dogs = a pack

I would have done the same

There are some stupid owners around

SurlyCue Sun 05-Jul-15 16:02:09

Id have done exactly the same and i am a huge soppy dog lover! Wht else could you have done? Stood and watched? Of course you had to defend your dog and child!

NomiMalone Sun 05-Jul-15 16:04:46

I'm asking because sometimes I worry that I get a bit cross too easily and can overreact.

You're all right though. There was nothing else I could have done.

I love dogs. I would never willingly hurt one. But these were horrible wee bastards.

Backforthis Sun 05-Jul-15 16:05:30

This is one of the reasons I carry a mobile phone in my pocket when I'm dog walking. I can take pictures of any people or dogs to plaster all over Facebook as a warning report them to the police or dog warden.

chewymeringue Sun 05-Jul-15 16:06:01

Come on! You had no choice. That is a scary situation, you do what you have to do. I'm a massive dog fan but I'd have done the same.

Teabagbeforemilk Sun 05-Jul-15 16:06:15

I have kicked a dog before. It had dds head in its mouth and almost ripped her ear off. She had to be rushed straight to hospital. I thought it was going to kill her. It's was mils dog don't think she has ever forgiven me. I couldn't give a shit.

Backforthis Sun 05-Jul-15 16:11:05

You didn't have any option.

Is your dog ok? If they have any bite marks, washing them with hibiscrub will clean them. You can buy it from chemists/ supermarket pharmacy places. Dilute according to instructions.

kali110 Sun 05-Jul-15 16:15:06

I'm really against cruelty to animals but i don't think you were in the wrong.
These dogs could have killed your dog.
You kicked it till it let go of your dog.( i think you would have if you had carried on kicking it) you had no choice.
Some owners are useless and shouldn't own animals.
I hope your poor dog is ok now xx

BettyCatKitten Sun 05-Jul-15 16:23:24

You went into protective mum mode, it would have been odd if you hadn't. Don't fuck with mums, were fierce fuckers! grin

FurryDogMother Sun 05-Jul-15 16:24:56

Biggest dog lover ever here, and I have done exactly the same thing. I was walking my dog (beagle) once, many years ago, and 2 other dogs came flying out of nowhere and attacked him. I not only threw myself into the middle of the dogfight, I extracted Ddog, threw him over a 4 foot fence so he was safe, and then kicked out at the attacking dogs to get them away from me. The owner appeared, not very apologetic, and I laid into her (verbally, and at length!) about keeping her dogs under control. I don't do confrontation, but the adrenaline rush caused by the attack just threw me into protective mode. Think I was shaking for a couple of hours after that!

Hope you and Ddog are ok smile

NomiMalone Sun 05-Jul-15 17:01:04

Thanks all.

I think the fact that the owner didn't have a go at me for kicking his dogs means that he knew he was in the wrong. Although why he didn't apologise baffles me.

Ddog is fine. We gave her a thorough check over and she has no cuts. Lots of meaty treats for her tonight grin .

It's definitely the Mama Tiger phenomenon. Those dogs picked on the wrong mama today.

Oh yeah another fact. When DP reached the beach he saw the owner muzzling the main aggressor. So it's clearly a dangerous dog and he decided to let it off the lead unmuzzled hmm angry.

Thanks again thanks .

Backforthis Sun 05-Jul-15 17:45:19

She had a muzzle with her? What an arsehole. She's risking her dog as well as everyone around it by not using one when she knows it needs it.

Lurkedforever1 Sun 05-Jul-15 17:49:19

Yabu not to have also kicked the owners. Repeatedly. In the face with steel toe cap boots. But yanbu to have kicked the dogs. Owners are morons

Saz12 Sun 05-Jul-15 17:58:43

I was always told as a kid not to interfere with dogs fighting (in case you get hurt), instead throw a bucket of water over them. However, YANBU to do what you had to to break up an unprovoked attack.

shockthemonkey Sun 05-Jul-15 18:05:58

My god I'm totally behind you. The need to protect one's Ddog is primal and instinctive and I have done similar in the past without even thinking. No time to think -- in with the flying karate kick. Kind of surprised myself even. Thankfully it worked and nobody got hurt.

Then a proper telling-off to indifferent owner. Stupid, stupid people some dog owners. Well done OP.

SurlyCue Sun 05-Jul-15 18:08:22

Yeah but in reality who the hell has time to go find and fill a bucket of water to throw? Most people arent at home when walking their dogs funnily enough so It just isnt going to happen. You could have a dead dog or two or child by the time you get back. You use what you have nearest, your feet, a stick, a rock.

Coffeethrowtrampbitch Sun 05-Jul-15 18:12:19

It is unfortunate that the owner, who deserved the real kicking, got off scot free.

You did nothing wrong, if you haven't been so aggressive towards them they could easily have attacked your dog or your child. Your actions made them think twice.

I might consider reporting to the dog warden if you can, it sounds from the lack of apology and muzzle that the owner habitually walks a dangerous dog there out of control, and leaves it to others to avoid his dangerous dog.

Twowrongsdontmakearight Sun 05-Jul-15 18:16:13

YADNBU. I love dogs too but they must be able to be controlled if off lead. It's a pity you weren't able to take a pic and report them to the police as the muzzle-needing dog could do serious harm to a child.

kali110 Sun 05-Jul-15 18:28:30

Seriously?? My useless owner comment was correct then!
Very glad to hear your dog is ok.
I would have done the same.

grin lurked - that would be my bf too and me if my animal had been hurt!x

GnocchiGnocchiWhosThere Sun 05-Jul-15 18:37:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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