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to never eat toffee popcorn again?

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giraffesCantPluckTheirEyebrows Sun 05-Jul-15 02:58:49

Wee shiny pieces always get lodged in my teeth - it is very annoying but accepted it as the downfall of eating such deliciousness.

Had some now and 2 pieces got stuck at the back of my throat. Tried to drink, gargle, brush teeth and poked tooth brush at them, grab it with finger - nothing worked. Think they are somehwere that tonsils used to be.

Managed to shift one by eating a very dry rough oatcake which must have pulled it out as I swallowed but can still feel one, but it is over at the side so not making me feel like I want to gag as much.

Those wee bits are evil. Would be good for my waist line if I ditched it too.

Anyone want almost a full bag of popcorn?!

Discopanda Sun 05-Jul-15 03:06:48

Yes please!

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