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To not let DH drive a moped in London?

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SleepShake Sat 04-Jul-15 01:01:15

DH's commute takes about 45 minutes on public transport in London. He wants to get a moped to take to work, and that would mean he's commute to work would be 10-15 minutes.

AIBU to think it's too risky/dangerous to drive a moped in London and not let him buy one? Cycling is not an option btw.

Kampeki Sat 04-Jul-15 01:03:50

Well, presumably he is an adult and he will make his own decision, no?

Yanbu to not want him to ride a moped in London, but yabu if you think you can "not let him".

TigerFeat Sat 04-Jul-15 01:04:54

Not let him?


littleducks Sat 04-Jul-15 01:09:17

Dh recently got a motorbike licence. The streets of London are apparently far safer as drivers are more aware of bikes/motorbikes/mopeds in his experience.

He saves money, time and avoids the tube in hot sweaty weather. It worries me at times but he is an adult and I wouldn't dream of banning him.

MrsTerryPratchett Sat 04-Jul-15 01:12:46

We used to call bike delivery peeps the 20 minuters when I lived in London. Hopefully things have changed.

SleepShake Sat 04-Jul-15 01:15:58

Ok sorry, that should read not 'want' him to grin (and secretly not let him either!)

CatMilkMan Sat 04-Jul-15 01:35:41

I ride a motorbike in London and when I was 16 rode a moped.
It is dangerous but I have only had 1 accident which wasn't my fault, as long as he presumes everyone else will do something wrong and gets practise before commuting he should be fine.
Please make him wear proper safety gear and that doesn't just mean helmet and gloves.

AlfAlf Sat 04-Jul-15 01:40:56

If my DH said he wasn't going to "let" me do something I'd tell him where to go.
Also gaining an extra hour a day sounds like a no brainer. That's 5 hours a week, 20plus hours a month etcetera..think of all that extra time playing with the kids and housework he can do? You'll all win.

CatMilkMan Sat 04-Jul-15 01:49:10

To be fair to OP and I'm a male motorcycle rider she did clarify she should have said "want" not "let" and also it is more dangerous than public transport so it's ok for her to worry.

googoodolly Sat 04-Jul-15 06:32:34

YABU. What a save on commuting times! No way would I pick the hell that is the tube in rush hour over a 15 moped ride!

Aridane Sat 04-Jul-15 06:44:00

As a matter of interest, why is cycling not an option?

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sat 04-Jul-15 06:50:28

Yanbu, I wouldn't want my dh to have a moped, or a bike regularly for that matter, in London.

MadameLeBean Sat 04-Jul-15 06:59:09

My DP and I both cycle pedal bikes to work in London and I would not feel comfortable if he got a moped or a motorbike, not only are you more vulnerable than in a car you are also going a lot faster than a bicycle!

OpposableThumbs1 Sat 04-Jul-15 07:27:09

Most of the time in central London you would not be going faster than a bicycle but you would be wearing a lot more protective clothing.

eggyface Sat 04-Jul-15 07:41:50

I wouldn't go on a moped in London. too many accidents. protective clothing isn't worth squit when a tonne of metal hits you at 30mph. feels slow in a car, feels very hard when it hits you.

eggyface Sat 04-Jul-15 07:44:27

also 45 min commute? Pretty good tbh for central London. Two short tube changes? or one longer one that would be, with walking either end? Any way of shaving off ten mins by going a different route, including a bus, incorporating a daily walk into it so it works as fitness as well as commute... don't know where you live but there might be a way to make the journey better that isn't so dangerous.

Icimoi Sat 04-Jul-15 07:47:13

It isn't as dangerous as eggyface suggests, as long as you're careful. A lot of accidents are caused by things like cyclists going up the inside of lorries turning left.

googoodolly Sat 04-Jul-15 07:59:30

Where are all these parts of London where he'll be speeding during rush hour?!

HappydaysArehere Sat 04-Jul-15 08:11:24

This is so difficult. I had the same problem years ago and worried about my husband. However, all was well for years until he fell off due to oil on the road and no other vehicle was involved. He broke his shoulder. A few more years and he came off at a roundabout serving a garage, again oil was blamed but that time he broke ribs and punctured his lung. While he was in hospital I cancelled his new bike and I told him his cycling days were over. "You used to bounce now you break". My daughter also said "that's it!" For the first time he never said a word of disagreement and until he retired used our car. My brother also used a powerful bike to commute to London. He has loved bikes all his life but he has had metal parts added to his body!
However, if your husband is road aware, careful and gets some good tuition, a good well fitting helmet etc, then his journey should turn torture into pleasure. My brother tells me that your troubles roll away when you are on a bike. You can't stop your husband so go along with it and help him choose his bike and the clobber that goes with it. If he doesn't get on with it he can always sell it (or you could ride it").

Lunastarfish Sat 04-Jul-15 08:15:43

Would you let him drive a moped in Leeds/Birmingham/Manchester or is it just London?

TiredButFine Sat 04-Jul-15 08:26:18

I had a moped abroad, I'd happily use one in countries where they are popular but the thought of using one in London scares the bejayzus out of me.
Mopeds are a lot less fun in bad weather, the three months where it's vaguely summer wouldn't outweigh the the misery of rain and snow and the like the rest of the year IMO.
If pedal cycling isn't an option I assume that's because of heavy traffic so YANBU. Weaving through cars on a moped in the UK is just dangerous. I see push cycle accidents at least once a week and I only get the bus a few stops.
On the other hand kids scooters and mini segway things are getting very popular with commuters....

Portobelly Sat 04-Jul-15 22:24:07

My husband passed his motorbike full license one month after our son was born. And now rides a Honda Benley. It horrifies me (despite myself commenting 18miles each way on pushbike in London before baby arrived)
But his previous transport method took too long, was too tiring and depressing. He's happier, home earlier, and he knows he's very precious and needs to ride assertively. I just focus on enjoying the sound of thunder pony bringing him home in time for tea instead of thinking about all the ways he could die.

SleepShake Sun 05-Jul-15 00:25:51

Thanks everyone!

Luna, I just don't like London the idea of driving a moped in London. Most drivers appear to be a bit reckless.

Topseyt Sun 05-Jul-15 01:02:54

I would have the same reservations as you OP.

Mopeds & motorbikes terrify me anyway and I would never ever go on one. I guess that colours my thinking.

My DH did have a motorcycle for a couple of years. I refused to ride pillion with him either as I find it so scary.

He actually found it wasn't the all-in-one solution he had been convinced it would be. Riding in dark and in bad weather was no fun, so he became a fair weather only rider and drove the car the rest of the time. I was totally relieved when he sold the bloody thing in the end.

They are adults. They will do it their way, and there is little you can do.

sashh Sun 05-Jul-15 07:27:27

not only are you more vulnerable than in a car you are also going a lot faster than a bicycle!

Not in London, even if you have a proper bike, mopeds are limited to 30 mph assuming the OP's husband doesn't have a bike licence.

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