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AIBU to be cross with him

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jemappelleanon Fri 03-Jul-15 17:23:37

DH works a job where he works shifts. I've recently found out I've received a pretty big award at work and have a prize giving ceremony in a few weeks. I'm pretty thrilled and want my family there. I told DH about this last week as he is rostered to be on shift and his shifts can be difficult to change. This week, he has been on shifts without senior management who can organise shift changes.

I have asked him to phone and speak to them on his days off, he went into work to pick something up that he'd forgotten and didn't ask and after a lot of nagging he emailed one of them. Only I just logged into our email and she is on holiday for a week which he didn't tell me about. I just asked him and he keeps saying he'll try sort it and will just ask if someone will swap a shift but they probably won't.

This is really important to me and I am really upset by his attitude. I've begged him to just phone and ask but he won't. I feel very let down because this is so important to me. I wouldn't even mind if he'd tried and couldn't get the shift changed! He's known for a week and effectively done nothing because one person he emailed was off - there are at least two other senior managers. If the tables were reversed, I would shift heaven and hell to be there.


plutonimum Fri 03-Jul-15 17:55:03

Are there troubles at work which could mean he's nervous to "make a fuss"?

jemappelleanon Fri 03-Jul-15 18:00:10

No problems, no reason why he wouldn't ask. I just feel like he thinks it's not important at all.

CamelHump Fri 03-Jul-15 18:00:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jemappelleanon Fri 03-Jul-15 18:02:15

The only thing I can think of is he says he doesn't really like using the phone - he normally gets me to do the ringing round fit stuff but I suspect that is laziness rather then anything else

cansu Fri 03-Jul-15 18:03:39

Invite someone else who actually cares and stop chasing him on it. He doesn't care and maybe you need to think about this afterwards. Don't let it spoil your event.

jemappelleanon Fri 03-Jul-15 18:04:29

He's not normally thoughtless per se although we have had minor disagreements about how important things are to us before e.g. I like birthday cards to keep and he can't understand why I like a card from him but one I explain he's normally understanding

CamelHump Fri 03-Jul-15 18:38:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jemappelleanon Fri 03-Jul-15 22:21:25

After I lost my temper and shouted at him (then went out) he's managed to sort it. He said he was always planning on sorting it, he just didn't think he needed to do it with such urgency and it wouldn't have been an issue.

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