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To get really mad at Masterchef (celebrity or otherwise!)

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Janeymoo50 Fri 03-Jul-15 10:01:27 the point of screaming at the TV (almost), when they take their meals through to the "critics", they struggle with the doors almost to the point of dropping the plates! Why doesn't someone open the door for them!!!

molyholy Fri 03-Jul-15 10:04:15

Haha - I agree.

It was especially mean when the para-olympiain (sic) man with one arm, had to take one plate at a time through!

besttalk Fri 03-Jul-15 10:22:47

I find the UK version of master chef mind numbingly boring.

The Australian version however is really good. The presenters; Matt, Gary and George are really likeable unlike the two from the UK version. Matt and Gary are both from the UK, Matt is a good critic and very eccentric with his cravats and crazy trousers.

The format is so much better and the challenges are just so much better. It's also bloody long which is good for a binge watcher like me. They also have good guest chefs like Heston, Marco and Jamie Oliver.

I've also watched the American version with Gordon Ramsay. It's terrible, horribly scripted and fake, the judges are very UNlikeable and often just nasty. There's not one episode where some of the contestants start having a fight.

Australian Master chef FTW

besttalk Fri 03-Jul-15 10:24:13

Food critic not good - although he is a good critic.

MumOfTheMoment Fri 03-Jul-15 10:26:03

The whole thing annoys the tits off me yet I am somehow compelled to watch.

I tend to see it as an outlet for all my pent up frustrations as I spend 60mins swearing and cursing at the tv.

knittingirl Fri 03-Jul-15 10:27:23

Haha I always think this too!

cookielove Fri 03-Jul-15 10:30:57

I agree the Australian master chef is brilliant! The only thing I don't care for is the master class!

What bugs me about the UK one is the door and also that the other plate just appears! I hate that the celebrity's get it so much easier! In every part, its not fair!

Smoorikins Fri 03-Jul-15 10:38:19

Aibu to pitch in on your thread and asked what was the result last night? I had to go collect my daughter just after Rylan's dishes has been tasted. They looked amazing, hope he got through.

MumOfTheMoment Fri 03-Jul-15 10:42:09

Arlene got the boot.

FraggleHair Fri 03-Jul-15 10:44:07

The Australian version is more boring than ten back to back episodes of Last of the Summer Wine!

Fatmomma99 Fri 03-Jul-15 11:20:21

So, Besdttalk, have you ever watched MasterChef?

Tanith Fri 03-Jul-15 11:24:40

Yes, I agree. They are chefs, not waiters! Every time, I hold my breath in case a plate is dropped - and how rude to the poor critic who is kept waiting until last!

Put it on a trolley, for heaven's sake! It's the food they're supposed to be reviewing, not the service!

Smoorikins Fri 03-Jul-15 17:16:26

Thanks mumofthemoment smile

Icimoi Fri 03-Jul-15 17:29:00

I always wonder how that thing with the guest critics works. Do the cooks all start off at the same time, or do they do it at staggered intervals so that they all get the same preparation time? And do the critics get served up with four meals in succession, or do they come in on different days? Even if you don't eat the whole meal, I would absolutely hate to keep swapping between main courses and sweets, and surely they're uncomfortably full anyway by the time they get to the last meal?

KnockMeDown Fri 03-Jul-15 17:33:41

Yes, I'm always saying this, too grin

And the other thing that annoys is the way Greg and the other one just stand around saying hurry up, instead of just giving them a hand. I do realise that they aren't meant to, but it seems really mean, especially as they probably held them up earlier asking them stupid questions!

whois Fri 03-Jul-15 17:45:13

The UK one used to be a lot better. It was about the food, the recepie, the ingredients and you could see how they cooked it.

Now it's all about the emotion "how much do you want this?" "You really!want this don't you" FUCK OFF they wouldn't be there is they didn't!

And it's edited for drama so you can't see the processes or the way he dish is made really.

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