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To think a chiropractor might be able to help an immune system?

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Kangaroosjump Thu 02-Jul-15 21:10:32

I thought they did spinal adjustments that were meant to strengthen an immune system?

Due to an ongoing issue with my tot that doesn't seem too serious - drs not worried, but I'm seeing a few things and thinking they could be connected in a bigger holistic picture I thought we might try one for him...

Have I got the wrong thing? My mum is telling me they just sort bad backs...

What alternative health treatments (except homeopathy thanks) would be likely to help a toddlers over stressed immune system? There's a few behavioural issues im convinced are linked but it's just not enough to concern my doc... (Thankfully)


RobinHumphries Thu 02-Jul-15 21:17:16


Kangaroosjump Thu 02-Jul-15 21:21:15

Is an osteopath what I'm confusing it with then?

noblegiraffe Thu 02-Jul-15 21:26:09

Chiropractic is quackery, and can be dangerous.

LL12 Thu 02-Jul-15 21:31:55

Cranial Osteopathy

HermioneWeasley Thu 02-Jul-15 21:32:05

Not sure how osteopathy or chiropractic (which is manipulation of the soft tissues) would help the immune system.

Why do you think your child has an over stressed immune system?

taxi4ballet Thu 02-Jul-15 21:32:46

Osteopath, definitely. Can be v useful for babies and children, they can also manipulate the bones in the skull (cranial osteopathy) which can help a lot as they grow.

FadedRed Thu 02-Jul-15 21:38:35

WTF is an over stressed immune system ?
Toddlers need love, stimulation, play, cuddles, good nutritious diet, fresh air and a safe level of sunshine, consistent and loving parenting (awful word). I've probably missed something off that list, but I'd put money on that it isn't Chiropactic,

bruffin Thu 02-Jul-15 21:40:42

I spoke to a chiropractor who will do cranial osteopathy but makes no claims that it works. He was asked to see a biy that suffered from gigantism and had never spoken at the age of 5. For some reason the appointment was canceeled until the next week. The day after the original appointment the boy spoke his first words. He said that if the boy had come to his first appointment CO would have been given the credit

AnyFucker Thu 02-Jul-15 21:44:19

our immunity is mediated through the immune system

no amount of "adjustments" of the cranium or the spine will have any influence on it at all

I wouldn't let any person who said it could within 6 feet of my children

subject yourself to it if you must, but refrain from giving your children no choice in the matter

Kardamyli Thu 02-Jul-15 21:45:19

Don't go to a chiropractor! It really is quackery. I went to one a few years ago with terrible back pain. They insisted on taking an X-ray and said my back pain was because one of my legs was longer than the other hmm. I finally went to the GP and was referred for an mri which showed the cause of my pain to be two ruptured discs in my back.

Kangaroosjump Thu 02-Jul-15 21:49:41

Oh FFS faded - he has all of that plus

MagicalHamSandwich Thu 02-Jul-15 22:00:19

Do you know what they call alternative medicine that's been proven to work? Medicine!

Can't take credit sadly, but it's still a good point.

Make sure your child gets all the right food, movement, love etc. that's required for a healthy life. And if they have medical issues take them to see someone who's actually qualified to deal with them!

I don't mean to be rude or condescending at all, OP. But when I was a child my well meaning parents tried to treat my asthma by taking me to all sorts of alternative medicine practitioners. I nearly died on two separate occasions and am still terrified of suffocating 20 years after outgrowing the asthma. Your child doesn't deserve that!

Mrsmorton Thu 02-Jul-15 22:08:32

faded great post

Kangaroosjump Thu 02-Jul-15 22:09:28

Ok, sorry perhaps I haven't made this clear in my OP

my child receives all the necessary care from his GP. I do not avoid giving him regular (or whatever the word is) healthcare in any way shape or form

I (simply as his symptoms are not being connected together in one big picture when I feel they may be interlinked) was/am willing to look into what non medicated routes (he already has medication prescribed from GP) we could try to help him...

TailorMouse Thu 02-Jul-15 22:13:29

I regularly see a chiropractor and aside from the help physically for structural issues (back and joints) it does help me feel less tired, and gets things moving/flowing better.
For little ones I'd suggest as well aromatherapy - easy to apply and they can help with it. Definitely see a qualified practitioner however as some will be too strong for younger children.

MohammedLover Thu 02-Jul-15 22:21:45

I have had many successful adjustments made by a Chiropractor. I would recommend the practitioner I see until the cows come home. Everything is connected in my opinion.

Kundry Thu 02-Jul-15 22:23:47

Your immune system just is. You can't boost it, calm it or in any way influence it. Anyone claiming otherwise is talking woo.

creampie Thu 02-Jul-15 22:25:06

Chiropractors aren't quacks! It's a proper job with proper training and accreditation!

I think people may be confusing them with osteopaths (who are a bunch of charlatans IMO)

RinkRashDerbyKisses Thu 02-Jul-15 22:30:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RinkRashDerbyKisses Thu 02-Jul-15 22:30:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kardamyli Thu 02-Jul-15 22:33:26

Judging by the positive stories on here some chiropracters are obviously better than others!

noblegiraffe Thu 02-Jul-15 22:33:31

The Chiropractic association sued Simon Singh for saying they promoted bogus treatments and that led to the Libel Reform campaign. They ended up withdrawing their libel action after a huge 'quacklash' led to lots of chiropractors being investigated for false advertising.

Read the Simon Singh article which nicely deals with all the problems with chiropractic here:

noblegiraffe Thu 02-Jul-15 22:36:16

And if you don't read the article, just be aware that people have died from chiropractic treatment. Spinal manipulation can be dangerous.

QuintShhhhhh Thu 02-Jul-15 22:38:42

Kardamyl - one of your legs may appear longer
If your pelvis is tilted, which can happen , especially if you have ruptured discs. Seems you saw a chiropractor that did not explain very well.

I go every time I have a back issue and I only need a couple of treatments.

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