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owlborn Thu 02-Jul-15 17:11:14

No one has said I am yet. I'm just feeling guilty.

DH and I live in a flat that's on the ground floor of a block. We have a communal back garden and drying green and then at the front we have a front garden which is private to our flat. It has a high hedge around it (taller than me) which means no one can see into our flat from the road and we've got quite used to having no blinds down during the day, and wandering around semi-clad in the house because we have that privacy. We also use the private bit of the garden quite a bit - we have lawn furniture and a BBQ set and I've been putting up pot plants etc.

A while ago, the two flats on the floor above were gutted in a fire and have had to be completely renovated, which has been a bit of a pain as the builders are pretty noisy during the day - lots of banging, radio v loud etc, but hey ho. We totally accept it's just part of life. Now the builders have come down and asked if they can put a skip in our garden as they are clearing out a load of stuff from the flats. It would be there for an unspecified amount of time (they were vague) and would basically put our garden out of action and mean we'd have builders looking into our living room and bedroom all the time (they face onto the garden).

I said "no" because it's a private garden and nothing to do with the block of flats (it's explicitly ours in the lease), so they are putting it on the street. What is worrying me is that if it's a big skip that's going to be a pain for everyone, with parking, getting past etc.

Am I being unreasonable? Should I suck up losing my garden for most of the summer for the sake of the neighbourhood? DH reckons it's not our problem and comments that the other ground floor garden flat isn't giving up their garden either, but I still feel bad. Apparently they can't use the back garden as it's too difficult to get the skip in there.

Mumsnet verdict?

LazyLouLou Thu 02-Jul-15 17:15:15

Why would you give up your garden over summer... or any other time? Why would you volunteer for that level of invasion of your privacy?

Your DH is right, especially if there is another garden and that owner has also said no.

Oh, and it is cheaper to use a garden, they need to do extra stuff if a skip is on a road... lights, rollers, signs etc.

They asked, you answered. No problem! YANBU.

RatherBeRiding Thu 02-Jul-15 17:17:12

Of course you ANBU. It's your garden, not a communal area. The builders/owners of the flats can do what everyone else does in this situation - apply to put the skip in the road. Yes it will take up parking space but it's a bit rich to expect you to have a skip in your private garden. Skips in the road are a common sight in terraced streets with no front gardens. People just manage.

FinnJuhl Thu 02-Jul-15 17:17:19

I would say you're mainly going to get YANBU. Well done for saying No in the first place, don't wimp out now!

TheCatsMother99 Thu 02-Jul-15 17:18:40

I'm a block manager and I wouldn't dream of asking anyone to put a skip in their demise as it's a bit of an unreasonable thing to ask (especially as there is somewhere else it can be put, albeit slightly inconvenient).


SurlyCue Thu 02-Jul-15 17:19:34

YABU why wouldnt you want a skip in your garden? Are you mad? wink

Of course YANBU. You could always offer them use of your garden at a price. Get some local rates for parking or storage round your way and decide on a price. Im sure they'll find an alternative grin

LaurieFairyCake Thu 02-Jul-15 17:20:06

It's perfectly normal to put it on the street - they just don't want to pay for extending the license every week

They are much less likely to have the skip there for weeks on end if they're paying for it

You did absolutely the right thing. Do NOT change your mind

And it would fuck your garden too

RaptorInaPorkPieHat Thu 02-Jul-15 17:20:49

YANBU especially as they didn't have a time frame.

It's your private garden, it would be like us letting next door put a skip on our drive.

Optimist1 Thu 02-Jul-15 17:22:18

Firstly I have to admit that I read halfway through your post expecting it to be about someone expecting you to increase your fitness levels in public! smile

But now that I've engaged my brain properly I agree with LouLou that you're definitely NBU. You're being thoughtful about the possibility of parking being made temporarily difficult, but you're not the one who's making it so.

Branleuse Thu 02-Jul-15 17:25:33

of course youre not being unreasonable. They had a massive cheek to ask

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Thu 02-Jul-15 17:25:56

YANBU, stick to your guns.

ASettlerOfCatan Thu 02-Jul-15 17:28:52

Yadnbu. I wouldn't do it.

FraggleHair Thu 02-Jul-15 17:29:46


They're just chancing their arms by asking.

SirChenjin Thu 02-Jul-15 17:29:58

No - you are definitely NBU. I didn't know that they would have to have a licence for it to be on the street, which is obviously why they asked you - and just as they can ask, you can say no.

silveroldie2 Thu 02-Jul-15 17:32:17

YADNBU - no way would I allow people to put a skip in my front garden.

BitterChocolate Thu 02-Jul-15 17:35:04

You were completely right to refuse them. Apart from anything else it would ruin your garden, the grass under skip would probably have to be re-seeded and the ground would be full of nails, splinters and shards of glass.

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Thu 02-Jul-15 17:38:00

No - they just don't want to pay the permit or comply with the council rules on skips. Plus if it's in your garden they could probably chuck a load of stuff down a chute really easily making tons of dust


soupey1 Thu 02-Jul-15 17:42:18

YANBU, it would be dreadful for you and they only want to do if to cut their costs. Please stick to you guns and continue to say no.

whois Thu 02-Jul-15 17:44:20

No no NO NO NO do not agree to this!!!

FraggleHair Thu 02-Jul-15 17:47:51

Were you singing a bit of 2 Unlimited there whois?

Andrewofgg Thu 02-Jul-15 17:50:39

YANBU of course. You should lose their garden so they don't have to licence a skip . . . I should bloody think so!

blink1552 Thu 02-Jul-15 17:52:03

Absolutel YANBU. I can see why they asked but I doubt they were expecting a yes!

owlborn Thu 02-Jul-15 18:10:14

Thank you for this absolutely unanimous yes! I clearly am way too prone to guilt and a sense of community. I've been worrying the neighbours will be annoyed with me for causing the road to be blocked up, but everyone seems to think I'm being totally reasonable, so I shall go and add some more flowers to my garden with no pangs of conscience.

I may skip in the garden too! It means I'm closer to the shower when I'm done exercising (after my very sweaty jogging session today that's probably something I can do for the neighbourhood)

DoJo Thu 02-Jul-15 19:06:14

I've been worrying the neighbours will be annoyed with me for causing the road to be blocked up

a) surely the neighbours wouldn't know that you had been asked to have the skip in your garden, so wouldn't assume that it being on the road was anything to do with you and

b) let them volunteer their front gardens if it bothers them that much!

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