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Elderly dog over-heating in hot weather - HELP

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sadwidow28 Thu 02-Jul-15 00:01:21

My 16 year old Border Collie is hardly able to move in this hot weather. He doesn't like water so I can't give him a cooling bath.

He is panting 24 hours a day. He had a full check-up in March - and all okay. (Heart and kidneys)

I am wetting towels to keep him cool - but he hates wet towels on his back.

I can't find the MN area to speak about dogs.

Please can anyone help?

gamerchick Thu 02-Jul-15 00:02:22

Take him for a haircut?

however Thu 02-Jul-15 00:04:15

Yep, get the clippers out.

Preciousbane Thu 02-Jul-15 00:04:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fatmomma99 Thu 02-Jul-15 00:06:49

Do you have any floor which is cool (tiled?). Dampen that and let him lie on it.

2 years ago we were in southern-ish France and it was roasting (38 degrees).

We stayed in a place which had a massive and very long haired dog. It lay as flat as it could (legs splayed) on the tiled floor in the shade. We fell in love with it!

Ludoole Thu 02-Jul-15 00:09:11

'In the doghouse' is the dog board on here. They've probably got some good suggestions smile

Ludoole Thu 02-Jul-15 00:10:00

Will he tolerate an electric fan?

BabyFeets Thu 02-Jul-15 00:10:38

I had the same concerns for my cat. I've been mixing my cats food with water because she doesn't like just water either but she eats the food with it.

shadowfax07 Thu 02-Jul-15 00:13:21

Will he allow you to sponge him down or spray his tummy with water? If he doesn't like wet towels on his back, will he lie down on a damp one? You can buy cooling coats, and cooling mats for dogs, but mostly they seem to work by water evaporation, so no different from wet towels.

Don't know what else to suggest, my spaniel has just discovered how nice a swim in the river is when it's followed by a snooze in front of a fan.

Selks Thu 02-Jul-15 00:14:31

You can buy cooling mats apparently. There is another thread somewhere that had loads of good ideas on.

shadowfax07 Thu 02-Jul-15 00:14:54

Do collies have double coats? If so, clipping him is the worst thing you can do!

sadwidow28 Thu 02-Jul-15 00:26:00

I have furminated his left side (can't believe how much fur came out after 4 days). The weather has changed slightly in NW so he is out in the drizzle rain on the decking now.

He is walking okay - panting has lessened.

He is booked in for his annual MOT on 17th July.

I have put ice cubes in his water bowl and put some frozen under a towel in his bed! Why didn't I think of that?

Thank you to anyone who responded to my concern.

allcatsaregrey Thu 02-Jul-15 00:34:28

I read somewhere you shouldn't give dogs ice cold water as its really bad for them . Not sure if I'm right but I would check.

however Thu 02-Jul-15 00:37:27

What's a double coat?

I live in Asia. Loads of expats get their collies clipped. Why on earth they have them in an apartment is another matter.

MidniteScribbler Thu 02-Jul-15 00:39:49

Do NOT clip him! If you clip a dog with a double coat then they lose the ability to insulate themselves.

Putting a bowl of water with a fan blowing over it will blow cooling air.

Wetting a towel, wringing it out, and letting him lay on it will make a temporary cooling mat. Pointing the fan towards it will keep it cool.

MidniteScribbler Thu 02-Jul-15 00:41:45

A double coat is a breed that has an outer coat and then a softer, dense undercoat.

MidniteScribbler Thu 02-Jul-15 00:42:31

Sorry, hit send too soon.

Think of the double coat like a roof. The outer coat is the roof tiles, and the undercoat is the insulation in the roof which keeps it warm in winter and cool in summer.

FastWindow Thu 02-Jul-15 00:43:01

I used to give my long haired gsd ice cubes all year round as a toy/chew/cool down.
Not sure ice water is a great idea, sounds like a recipe for tummyache.
I also wet the back of her neck. Like you would a child I suppose. Cool, dark rooms are good. Minimal exercise. Walk at night if you can.

Sulphur blocks in the drinking water used to help, but Google it- not sure if this is still a thing.

sadwidow28 Thu 02-Jul-15 00:43:08

Ludoole I have found an extra fan in the cupboard. The dog has his own fan over his bed in this weather, but he can have another one if that helps to keep him cool.

shadowfax07 I have just looked up those cooling jackets - I think my dog needs one of those. I have just bought one! Thank you. I know I can't keep him forever, but I don't want him die in the heat because I didn't give him the very best environment possible.

BabyFeets One of my main worries is that the dog wouldn't eat his Iams regularly (twice a day) so I have added some tuna in sunflower oil - I now have a clean bowl! He then went immediately to his water bowl with ice cubes.

shadowfax07 I am now doing your second suggestion - to allow him to stay out on a cool/wet towel. I can't believe how chilled-out he is! He's watching the squirrels and the rabbits (not that he is moving) but life is a 'chilled space' for him now - thanks to all the MNetters who helped.

shadowfax07 Thu 02-Jul-15 00:58:11

Give him an ear rub from me, I'm so glad that you've found something that is helping him.

Rainbunny Thu 02-Jul-15 03:15:29

I put towels in the freezer when it gets really hot and put them down where my dog likes to nap, just swap them out occasionally.

Dunkling Thu 02-Jul-15 07:12:53

I know how you feel. My goldie being a double coated breed is sweltered, panting all day, and her walks are down to 15 minutes first thing.

BUT, DON'T give ice cubes. Same as us, iced drinks make our mouths lovely and cold and psychologically we feel better, but being internal, it makes your body think you are cold and actually raises your core temperature.

Dawndonnaagain Thu 02-Jul-15 07:23:36

Ice cubes are fine (have a vet in the family).
Those water misting sprays are good too. My dogs love it!

minesapintofwine Thu 02-Jul-15 07:27:07

I know exactly what it's like Op my bc is 10. I'm just keeping her in the shade and the cool etc loads of water but the nights are the worst. She normally sleeps in a crate but hasn't been in the heat and at 2am the other night I actually took her out in the garden!

minesapintofwine Thu 02-Jul-15 07:29:51

I don't cut her fur but I do clip around her bum grin and fuminate very regularly (love doing it) I don't think it's recommended to over clip double coats either

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