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I'm not unreasonable! This is tacky!

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Notasinglefuckwasgiven Wed 01-Jul-15 21:46:16

So I got a message from lovely DP. It's the pic attached. He called me to ask if I'd got it. Between snorts of laughter I told it was hilarious, and even more tacky than 3 wolf moon! He is quite hurt as he searched it out for me ( he thought being Jacobite descended Scots I'd love it ) to get blown up to hang in our bedroom!
So. Is he unreasonable with this monstrous thing or am I? hmm

LaurieFairyCake Wed 01-Jul-15 21:48:03

Worst thing ever

Apart from a picture of Mel Racist Gibson

TheWitTank Wed 01-Jul-15 21:48:45

Hideous. Is he taking the piss?!

SoupDragon Wed 01-Jul-15 21:48:58

You have no soul.

Earthbound Wed 01-Jul-15 21:49:17

YANBU. It's dreadful.

Reignbeau Wed 01-Jul-15 21:49:21

LTB grin

lomega Wed 01-Jul-15 21:49:54

YANBU, that's so'd be cute if he meant it as a little cute picture message to stay on your phone, but blowing it up for your room! I'd be saying a big old no to that!

I love wolves, but draw the line at Disney-font cryptic breath hmm

FarFromAnyRoad Wed 01-Jul-15 21:50:08

Ok. I'll lay open the extent of my lack of educashun/awareness.

What the fuck is it? And what's it meant to mean?

Notasinglefuckwasgiven Wed 01-Jul-15 21:50:09

He is serious. He thinks it speaks....All I hear is swearing.

SpunkOnMyBouquet Wed 01-Jul-15 21:51:22

I rather love it.

Bragadocia Wed 01-Jul-15 21:51:26

Oh god, that's awful. I despair that someone took the trouble to create this.

TheHouseOnBellSt Wed 01-Jul-15 21:52:04

I don't get it.

Notasinglefuckwasgiven Wed 01-Jul-15 21:52:13

It does look like Disney! He is English and apparently it is a symbol of....I made the excuse of washing my hair at that point. It's not going up. End of. I shall show him the thread when he gets in.

Headinthedraw Wed 01-Jul-15 21:52:36

Is that a Labrador?It reminds me of dog breath.Which is probably not the reaction he was going for.

HookedOnHooking Wed 01-Jul-15 21:52:37

In the words of Napoleon Dynamite.....


Notasinglefuckwasgiven Wed 01-Jul-15 21:53:55

grin bet they're being sold on Facebook somewhere.

Wideopenspace Wed 01-Jul-15 21:54:02

Tell him you love it, and that he is getting this for his birthday.

TheWitTank Wed 01-Jul-15 21:54:05

It speaks?!! hmm grin.
It is dreadful.

todayisayesterdaystomorrow Wed 01-Jul-15 21:54:36

Tis shite.... Dog shite.

SpunkOnMyBouquet Wed 01-Jul-15 21:54:47

It does speak. Imagine it speaking like Scooby Doo. "Rhee-rhom".

So profound. Mind = blown.

DawnOfTheDoggers Wed 01-Jul-15 21:54:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Notasinglefuckwasgiven Wed 01-Jul-15 21:56:12

God knows what the thought was! He is SO getting the plate as part of his birthday gifts this year.

Wideopenspace Wed 01-Jul-15 21:57:22

It's not a plate. It's tyre cover <gleeful>

ShakesBootyFlabWobbles Wed 01-Jul-15 21:58:13

When I read the title of your thread, I thought, hang on a minute, there's someone BU by stating they are NU, as that is for us to decide.

But since seeing that pic, you couldn't be more right if you tried. YANBU.

ShipShapeAhoy Wed 01-Jul-15 21:58:19

I don't get it either. Or why it's bad.

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