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To think DP is lying?

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Anonomom Wed 01-Jul-15 17:12:49

A computer appears at our house. He says he's fixing it for a bloke at work. Then all this money starts going out of PayPal as he buys more and more bits for it. I ask if he's actually going to get this money back and he says of course he will, he's just laying it out for him. Months later, no money has gone back into our account and his son mentioned the power supply when he came and it became obvious it was from their house. So why lie?
Another one was a tv appeared at the house. DP says a bloke at work asked him if he would sell it for him on eBay. What kind of engineer can't use ebay?? Why would a bloke ask another bloke to sell something on eBay for him when it's accessible to everyone and why would a self proclaimed "I'm far too busy" man agree to do it? AIBU to think something is bullshit here?

chewymeringue Wed 01-Jul-15 17:57:34

I agree, that sounds very odd. I will admit I have a few friends who don't "get" selling on eBay and have asked myself or DW to do it for them. Coupled with all the other stuff though it's odd.

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