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To be concerned for my friend?

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workadurka Wed 01-Jul-15 14:37:45

My friend was due to be induced on Monday @ 42 weeks, but I haven't heard anything yet. Don't want to get in touch if she's in the throes of labour - can induction take that long?

Or she may well be taking a day or so to recover before telling everyone I guess but don't most people announce it soon after birth...?

I'm worried about her but probably BU as I'm an anxious type anyway.

MrsHathaway Wed 01-Jul-15 14:39:35

Induction can take a long time. It's also possible she arrived and wasn't started straightaway because of who else was there.

haveabreakhaveakitkat Wed 01-Jul-15 14:39:48

Do you have mutual friends you could contact just again any messages to you may have slipped through the net?

haveabreakhaveakitkat Wed 01-Jul-15 14:40:12

*Just in case

workadurka Wed 01-Jul-15 14:44:08

It's all OK! I did a bit of lateral Facebook stalking of relatives and figured out baby has arrived safely, last night so they were probably in labour a v long time and now utterly exhausted. So happy for my friend.

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