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AIBU just want to leave job

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Fluffybear86 Wed 01-Jul-15 12:12:35

Hello all AIBU? i currently work for NHS and ive had enough. i left my last post due to bullying after 3 years and took this role (basically it was offered in a plate) so i took it. This role is not what i thought it would be and due to type of work and level i went off sick for 6 weeks in April 2015- never been off before. Before i came back i met with my manager who said another band 7 was being taken on to support so i felt better. yesterday we met with band 7 and manager told us we would basically be taking her job whilst she moves up a band. Ive just had enough i dont want to work at this level its too much for me.
Basically options are:
1. stay and be miserable and ill
2. find another job and hand notice in- i have applied for 5 jobs so there is a chance ther!
3. unable to wait- hand notice in that will take me to end of August- either hope another NHS job is successful or work on agency.

my fiancee does earn around �2300 per month but mortgage etc in my name due to credit issues due to his delightful ex. I have just sold my own house and have �7,000 in the bank! HELP!

SquinkiesRule Wed 01-Jul-15 12:33:22

Don't quit before getting another position. If you do you won't be able to apply for the internal jobs advertised. Bide your time and check the NHS jobsite daily and apply.

Fluffybear86 Wed 01-Jul-15 12:55:16

hello thanks Squinkies. Im just really struggling and feel like i cant talk to my manager again. Ive made a mess of this job and now more is being put on me :-( we work for a tiny trust that we have latched onto aswell so i wont get an internal job here x

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