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AIBU to think Parents get 'end of term fatigue' too?

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ASorcererIsAWizardSquared Mon 29-Jun-15 17:06:10

I know the kids do, this last few weeks (3 to go here, they break up on the 17th) everything seems to be getting blamed on 'end of term fatigue' with behaviour.

AIBU to think we parents get it too?

I know i cant wait for an extended break from early mornings, regimented routines and having to spend 30 minutes chasing my DS who has SEN around to get him dressed and actually get his shoes on, of having to tie DD's hair up every morning, polishing shoes, making packed lunches, the stress of the pick up and wondering if DS has had a good day or not, no more waiting for the phone to ring because he's done something wrong.

I can't wait, and its dragging, i want it to be the last day, end of term now please!

EponasWildDaughter Mon 29-Jun-15 17:09:10


I have no school age DCs right now (all too old or too young), but you've bought back memories of that desperate for the school holiday feeling. The groundhog day feeling of term time gets too much.

formerbabe Mon 29-Jun-15 17:09:17

Nope...I get school holidays fatigue! My only break is when they are at school.

ProfYaffle Mon 29-Jun-15 17:09:17

Oh god, yyy! Especially because the last few weeks are full of trips, fun days, special events, non uniform day, cake sales etc etc My normal routine is shot to pieces and I'm run ragged trying to keep up with what's required each day. Of course the kids are loving it hmm grin Really, really can't wait for end of term though.

LokiBear Mon 29-Jun-15 17:10:19

I have it. I'm both a parent and a teacher.

ButEmilylovedhim Mon 29-Jun-15 17:16:31

I can't wait for a break from the enforced socialising twice a day! I'm an introvert and I'm getting tired now. Everyone is lovely, I'm very lucky but it's still such an effort!

500Decibels Mon 29-Jun-15 17:18:07

I do! But that's because I'm studying at college as well as having kids at school.
I can't wait for the holidays.

puffinrock Mon 29-Jun-15 17:20:34

I can't wait for the holidays for a rest

ASorcererIsAWizardSquared Mon 29-Jun-15 17:25:38

former, its the only break i get too, i do a lot of catching up on sleep lost over night because of Ds's issues.. i'm sure by 4 weeks in i'll be begging for the start of term again, or begging my mum to have them for a bit, lol!

Right now though, i just want a few mornings with just me and the kids, i miss cuddles in bed with them!

DarkEvilMoon Mon 29-Jun-15 17:26:05

YANBU definitely got end of termitis here. Will be glad when school is finished for the holidays. Another 4 weeks to go though <sigh>

Stillwishihadabs Mon 29-Jun-15 17:26:30

Oh god yes. Just left work early to pick them up this pm (meaning I'll be up at 5 tommorow to catch up). I though we might go swimming.....there is an open air pool about 45 mins away. One did,one didn't they screamed and shouted, the traffic was f!@ked and now I've promised to take them tommorow. I can't wait for the holidays....

LindyHemming Mon 29-Jun-15 17:27:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

m0therofdragons Mon 29-Jun-15 17:29:02

I'm more ready for the holidays than dd1 - I'll still be working most of it but so looking forward to less rushing around to get everything ready for school and homework etc - I hate homework more than dd1 and am absolutely dreading having 3 lots to do (primary age and twins start in September - homework is all about one to one time with each child which sounds lovely but with 3 dc and a dh on shifts it's a nightmare. )

littlejohnnydory Mon 29-Jun-15 17:33:21

YANBU, fast forward to the holidays!

MummyPig24 Mon 29-Jun-15 17:34:15

I SO have end of term fatigue. I don't know about others schools but this last term gets so busy. Trips, sports day, cake/ice cream sales, class assemblies, lots to remember and organise. Along with the usual after school clubs, friends over, reading etc it's a lot to do.

We all need a break from the pressure to be fed, dressed and out by a certain time.

thehumanjam Mon 29-Jun-15 17:37:59

I'm looking forward to the end of term too. There seems to be so much going on at the moment that it seems that when I'm not working I'm attending school events and when they fall on my "at home" days I feel obliged to attend. I only have 2 children in 2 different schools, I don't know how parents with 3 or 4 children manage.

NRomanoff Mon 29-Jun-15 18:06:04

I find this part of the year so difficult. There is something that we need to attend at least once a week at the moment and as ds starts secondary and ds starts full time primary in September. We have had extra stuff to go to. It's like their schools save it all up for this 6 week period.

I can not wait for the holidays!!!

DarkEvilMoon Mon 29-Jun-15 18:45:22

Yes who the heck plans 101 more extra stuff to be squeezed into the end of the term/school year. Madness. Utter madness.

PenelopeChipShop Mon 29-Jun-15 18:52:43

Hmmm I am sure you're right but it's interesting to hear! Mine is still pre school age but i've been thinking of him starting reception as a bit of a break! I work so only have childcare for work days and no time to myself. The idea of having 9-3 as my own on my one weekday off sounds amazing, don't shatter my illusions!!

namechangefortoday543 Mon 29-Jun-15 18:54:53

OH dear god yes!
The Christmas term we used to crawl to school with fatigue.

Once I collapsed into bed anticipating a lovely lie in only to be woken at 6am by a stupid mother who was panicking about her DC holiday schedule -WTAF ! hmm

LindyHemming Mon 29-Jun-15 18:55:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LindyHemming Mon 29-Jun-15 18:56:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gatehouse77 Mon 29-Jun-15 18:59:09

I have it and am a bit pissed off that the school have organised boring, educational trips in the last week/10 days.

The best bit of the holidays is not having to clock-watch. And, because mine are older now, not having to get up when they do - hee, hee grin

SaucyJack Mon 29-Jun-15 18:59:21


I might treat myself to a new pair of PJ bottoms just for dossing about in in the school holidays.

Cannot wait. Six weeks of picnics and camping. Glorious!

namechangefortoday543 Mon 29-Jun-15 19:05:42

Penelope it starts off great but then you end up racing around making a replica of the Mary Rose at midnight and finally finish it at 4 am.
You have to provide a world book day costume at 12 hours notice when you have a sheet and some string and no your DC wont go as Elsa from Frozen.
You have to attend the school Christmas concert and listen 67 renditions of jingle bells on the violin before your DC comes on ... to perform jingle bells.
You are required to bake at the drop of a hat and when you have washed up 500 cups at the school fete you will be treated like shit by the PTA members <bitter>
The happiest day of my life was when my DC went to secondary school !

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