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Nuisance Cat Thread - what do I do?

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QuintShhhhhh Mon 29-Jun-15 12:18:18

Ok, I never thought I should post a negative thread about a cat, but here goes.

New cat in da hood.
Big beautiful black cat. I love cats. I am allergic to cats.

Now, this particular cat is very bold. Other cats are happy to just sleep on the garden bench or on our deck, potter through the garden, but THIS particular cat likes to sneak into my house, and explore upstairs.

I like to keep the garden door open.

How can I discourage this cat from wondering into our house?

RachelRagged Mon 29-Jun-15 12:27:06

I like cats too but this kind of thing IS annoying .

Water pistol smile Don't have to drench the cat but a quick spray should send out the message . I need to buy a small one myself as my kitten loves scratching my wood bannisters.. Sigh.

SaucyJack Mon 29-Jun-15 12:28:32

Some sort of mosquito mesh door?

QuintShhhhhh Mon 29-Jun-15 12:30:37

I like the idea of a water pistol more than I like the idea of a mesh door - although the mesh door would keep flies out too.....

bostonbaby Mon 29-Jun-15 12:30:40

Scream at it and chase it out. Probably throw a salad potato at it or something.

MrsSnow Mon 29-Jun-15 12:30:47

Shut the door/ mosquito net

Place orange peel near the door - our cat can't stand it

Water pistol for when it comes in

JulyKit Mon 29-Jun-15 12:30:58

Chase it away waving your arms around and shouting a bit.

Do that a few times and it should get the message.

JacquesHammer Mon 29-Jun-15 12:31:51

Next door's cat used to do this quite a lot - little git used to climb in windows.

One time he snuck up on me as I was tidying clean pots and pans away. He scared me stupid, I dropped two pans and the resulting clatter made him shoot away. He hasn't been back since.

I therefore conclude screaching like being murdered and dropping two pans works grin

googoodolly Mon 29-Jun-15 12:35:36

Screen/mesh doors.

RachelRagged Mon 29-Jun-15 12:37:41

Oh Yes.. . Lemon, orange or lime peel . .They do not like that .

Mine had a nose Pancake Day , lol .Soon ran off.

MrsBertMacklin Mon 29-Jun-15 12:40:17

Try flicking/shaking a plastic bag as close as possible to the cat, they seem to hate that: my cat leaves the room as soon as I go near the kitchen bin, as she learnt ver quickly to associate it with the noise of rustling plastic.

Littleen Mon 29-Jun-15 12:43:21

To discourage our 3 cats from coming in to our bedroom, we squirted with water mixed with a bit of orange/lemon squeeze, near them and around the door. It was a huge success! So yes, put in some effort to catch him "in the act" and keep the door topped up with spray, and I'm sure he'll give up on it quickly. Think it took a few days of consistency with us.

WhispersOfWickedness Mon 29-Jun-15 12:43:37

Water pistol, hiss at it, orange peel around door.

I am a cat lover and would support you doing any of these things to keep my cats out of your house.

There is a bold cat where we live, we have a microchip cat flap and it still manages to get into the house by following ours in hmm

Germgirl Mon 29-Jun-15 12:49:06

We have the cat flap problem too. Bold as brass cat from down the road barges through our magnetic cat flap & eats PicklePig's food every day.
My idiot cat just sits & watches.
I've tried a water pistol, hissing, chasing, nothing works. He's so cocky.
I'm resigned to feeding two cats now.
The water pistol usually works though Op, give it a go.

Andrewofgg Mon 29-Jun-15 13:15:30

Just remember that whatever you do Moggie will have the last laugh. Cats do. They just do.

FrozenAteMyDaughter Mon 29-Jun-15 13:18:47

Turn the vacuum cleaner on? Our cat scarpers as soon as I go near ours.

UglyBugaz Mon 29-Jun-15 13:22:49

I had a cat that did this I just kept chasing him out eventually he stopped coming in. You could just give him a squirt with water or put citrus around

greenhill Mon 29-Jun-15 13:25:03

Mesh doors are at Poundworld.

Signlake Mon 29-Jun-15 13:34:53

I had this problem last summer. Cat wouldn't stop climbing in through open windows and doors. Had to keep everything closed. The idiot owner even tried telling me there would be trouble if my dog got hold of it!

PanGalaticGargleBlaster Mon 29-Jun-15 13:44:08

Nuke the cat from orbit, its the only way to be sure

HighwayDragon Mon 29-Jun-15 13:47:07

My ndn came over to tell me our cat had been found asleep on their bed, I told them to throw water at her blush

tootyflooty Mon 29-Jun-15 13:49:56

you could try filling a clear plastic bottle with water ( The large cola type bottles), apparently they don't like to see a cats reflection?? don't know if it would work, but when in Italy loads of people seemed to have bottles by their front doors, and when I asked why I was told it was to keep cats out.

Sleepybeanbump Mon 29-Jun-15 13:55:28

Hiss at it. I do a really good cat hiss (I adore cats and have two of my own) and it often works well after a few goes. It's also hilarious to see the look on their faces as they go 'wtaf? I had noooo idea humans did that!'

Sleepybeanbump Mon 29-Jun-15 13:56:59

Ha, my idiot cats just sit and watch bully cats too. No attempt to defend their territory! Sometimes they come and get us as if to say 'Mum! Help! Make it go away!'

Volenflo Mon 29-Jun-15 13:59:27

I was told I was lying on Mumsent before when I explained my frustration at a neighbours cat doing this. It would come in my house and shit in my sons bedroom.

One time I managed to trap it in the house. All I will say is that it never came back after that.

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