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to think smelling of stale sweat socially unacceptable

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Salmiak Mon 29-Jun-15 00:04:06

I'm not talking about just being a bit whiffy, or that slight smell when you have forgotten to put on your deodorant in the morning, but people who truly fill a while room with their noxious odour when they enter.

I went to a kids birthday party today and one of the adults absolutely reeked. It stank out the whole hall so badly, as soon as we entered the fumes hit us and whenever the culprit walked past I gagged. It was bad.

This person ruined a lovely party just by being in the room.. a lot of the adults and children ended up going out to the playground to breathe some fresh air, rather than enjoying the indoor entertainment.

Is there ever an acceptable reason for smelling so badly that everyone else has to suffer?

UglyBugaz Mon 29-Jun-15 00:08:27

that's vile, I actually would of said something if that person was in my house.
A couple days ago I was in the petrol station and this drunk came in absolutely stunk of piss, I waited at the back of the shop for him to finish paying and even when I went to pay I could still smell his piss, I felt for the shop assistant.

TiredButFine Mon 29-Jun-15 00:13:18

I worked with a lady who excessively stank. Medical condition. She doused herself in perfume, showered in the work gym....she absolutely reeked. Fair play to her it must have been hard to plaster on a smile and come into work every day, but what else could she do? Sit at home alone on benefits?

She literally smelled so bad I could smell her in a room hours after she left it. I knew she was back from holidays as I used a meeting toom 5 hours after she had.

Yes it's not nice for others, but sometimes there is a good reason for it.

JulyKit Mon 29-Jun-15 00:13:45


Just a thought, but are you sure Mr/Ms Whiffy hadn't been out picking elderberries? I picked some over the last few days, and they absolutely feckin' honk of the most pungent, noxious BO imaginable.

Could that have been it?

AmIthatsummery Mon 29-Jun-15 00:29:28

I once worked with a man whose smell was so bad, you gagged when you spoke to him.

He sat on my chair once, just for a little bit, and I had a fleece draped over the back.

I had to take it home and wash it.

He was a really nice man, too. But the smell was awful and I can't believe his wife and family haven't told him

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