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To be a bit pissed off with her attitude?

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Supervet Sun 28-Jun-15 18:32:58

Even if it was our fault.

In the foyer of our local superstore there is a self service key cutting machine. It is very like a coin star machine and has a talk through on the screen. My Dad (who is not at all well at the moment) went to get me some keys. He followed the instructions as it talked him through on the machine.

What he did not see behind one of the open flaps was a "ask for assistance" sign as there was a problem with the screen instructions. Until he had shut the open flap and the machine had eaten my front door key!!

So I am totally admitting it was our fault. I get to him and go to the counter it told us to go to to get help and the woman will do nothing.

Her attitude is awful, first she tells us its our own fault and does nothing at all. Then she her suggestion is that I leave my name and number and when the man comes to do his routine check on the machine (in weeks or months ?) they will ring me.

That's it.

I ask if they have a number I can ring for the machine to sort myself and she says nothing she can do.

I tell her I am locked out and have a young child, nothing she can do.

Eventually she conceeds she will ring the machine people to ask which is all I wanted her to do or to let me ring.

My Dad who is an engineer at this point can see the key and is trying to reach in for it through the flap and she calls security on him.

An hour later after searching like hell for the number I manage to get hold of the machine people myself. The supermarket have not rung at all. DD who has sen is in full meltdown. The machine people say that he cannot come out but that the store have had training on the machine in order to help customers and know how to sort it. Ive just had to spend 30 minutes on hold to the store to get hold of a manager and it was sorted within ten minutes then. Unlike some of the machines they are not not anything to do with the store, they are meant to help customers with the machine or operate it if needs be.

Not her fault that the key got stuck but surely she could have been more helpful?

haveabreakhaveakitkat Sun 28-Jun-15 18:42:42

I agree she could have been more helpful and sympathetic to your plight! Glad you got it sorted in the end.

I've never seen a key cutting machine by the way, that's all new to me. There's a tiny shop near to me that does keys, watch and jewellery repairs - long may he last!

MasterchefIwish Sun 28-Jun-15 18:52:44

YANBU. It sounds like she wanted you to just leave and wasn't willing to help at all. She is correct, it was your fault, however it was her fault that things weren't rectified quickly. Her attitude was unprofessional and unhelpful, I would complain while holing hands p to your own fault.

AnnoyedParent22 Sun 28-Jun-15 19:08:12

I think that's appalling tbh. Terrible customer service, particularly when the company who provide the machine say that the stores have had training and are should know how to fix any issues.

I am sure your Dad is not the only person has ever struggled with something like this. It is like the self serve tills at the supermarket, those buggers also always require a trained member of staff to assist!

I for one will make sure I never use a self service machine to cut my house key if I am not going to receive helpful and willing assistance from someone who knows how to operate the darn thing.

OP, I would write a letter to the store [and head office/twitter account if applicable and if a big chain] telling them of your stressful experience and the unhelpful member of staff. I would name and shame the staff member in the letter/email to store/head office but wouldn't on twitter personally.

Good luck and I am glad you got it sorted in the end!

Fatmomma99 Sun 28-Jun-15 19:08:16

Write a letter tomorrow stating everything this woman DIDN'T do to help, give as much identifying detail of this woman as possible.

Anaffaquine Sun 28-Jun-15 19:53:17

Completely agree that you should complain and if possible name the unhelpful grump.

TheCatsMother99 Sun 28-Jun-15 20:22:46

I also think you should complain. That was terrible customer service!

Iliveinalighthousewith2friendlyghosts Sun 28-Jun-15 20:37:45

Yes it wasn't "little miss doesn't know how to treat customers fault" but it also wasn't your dad's fault.It was an accident
It wouldn't have hurt her to have a better and more reassuring manner.
Yes complain there are too many people with impeccable manners signing on.

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