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, or rather, have I inadvertently insulted half the class?

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Puffykins Sun 28-Jun-15 17:11:34

I've arranged my DS's birthday party for Saturday 18th July, and have invited the whole class. We're in central London and it's an a-religious school so there are Christians, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs etc. in the class - approx a third or maybe even half are Muslim. Three of the Muslim parents have already RSVPd saying that they sadly can't come as they'll be celebrating Eid that day - which I had thought was on the Friday, when Ramadan ends (I deliberately did not book the party during Ramadan.) I've checked, and it is on the Friday (in fact I think Eid starts at sundown on the Thursday) but obviously a lot of people are celebrating over the weekend I now realise and really I just wanted to check that in organising the party for this date I haven't accidentally insulted half the class, which I really don't want to do? Someone asked if I had picked that date on purpose to cut down on numbers, and I really didn't, and don't want anyone to think that - but will they?

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Sun 28-Jun-15 17:34:54

Well you can't help when your sons Birthday is. What are you supposed to do. Change is date of birth.

WorraLiberty Sun 28-Jun-15 17:36:50


Oh give over

RaskolnikovsGarret Sun 28-Jun-15 17:40:52

Of course you haven't insulted anyone, but you are considerate to think about it. It's not possible to think about everything when planning a party. Don't worry about it.

SirChenjin Sun 28-Jun-15 17:43:16

As Ilive says, you can't change the date of his birthday - so unless they are easily offended I'm sure they will appreciate that smile

Puffykins Sun 28-Jun-15 17:46:03

Okay thank you! His birthday isn't actually on that day but during the holidays, but that's the last weekend during term time....

LynetteScavo Sun 28-Jun-15 17:48:53

Would you be offended if your DS was invited to a birthday party on Christmas Day? (I'm presuming here you celebrate Christmas). I doubt you would, you'd just decline the invitation. Unless Christmas in your house is really boring. grin

Hassled Sun 28-Jun-15 17:49:06

You've taken the time and trouble to find out when Ramadan ends, you obviously care. Please don't worry.

manicinsomniac Sun 28-Jun-15 17:52:53

No, it's not insulting. People will always be doing other things and, if they can't go, they just politely say so (as they have done).

I know you didn't do it on purpose but, personally, I would be overjoyed at the unintentional reduction of a whole class party by a full third. Brownie points for inviting everyone but a smaller, quieter and calmer party. Result! grin

NRomanoff Sun 28-Jun-15 17:53:42

Why are you assuming they are offended?

If you organised it on Saturday before Easter, we would decline but wouldn't enter my head to be offended and assume you had done it on purpose so Catholics wouldn't come.

Puffykins Sun 28-Jun-15 17:55:06

I'd be surprised, I think, if he was invited to a party on Christmas Day, and would definitely question how much the host actually wanted him to be there. Perhaps. Or perhaps I'd just politely decline, as the three parents have done. It's hard to judge. It's just that it's right at the beginning of his schooling, we've all got another six/ seven years together - or more, depending on secondary schools - I guess I just don't want to appear rude or non-inclusive. But thank you all for allaying my fears!

peanutcookie Sun 28-Jun-15 17:56:14

Eid might be on Friday or Saturday, we don't know yet. However the celebrations tend to go on over the weekend immediately after Eid too, when we see family/friends we didn't see on Eid. Also, Eid lasts for 3 days so even if the first day was on Friday, it would still be Eid on Sunday. Well done for making the effort to find out and trying to find a date that suited the most. I wouldn't be insulted if my dc were invited to a birthday party on Eid

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