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To keep my children from playing in the street

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flora717 Sun 28-Jun-15 16:05:33

Long history of problems from a particular family at the end of the road. The language from their children I've mostly ignored, but when their daughter swore at me in my house i made it clear she wasn't welcome with that attitude and had her leave. Sometimes the girl rings the bell and legs it (camera because of racist slurs on van in childish writing) this is perhaps once a week. But it's pretty lame so I ignore it. She's clearly got nothing to do.
The problem is the violence one brother has struck at my daughter with a scooter. The other hit and kicked my daughter on our front garden because she refueed to lend him her bike. The daughter also got a skipping rope round my daughters neck and was shrieking she was 'sorting her out'.
I've tried talking to the family. The father has laughed. The gran said they're children aren't like that. The mum that 'boys will be boys'. Today the mum came round shrieking what was my problem? Apparently my eldest had stuck her finger up at the sweary girl. Now she may have, but she went on to say what was MY problem and accused me of telling her children they'd end up in a home as they're uncared for (seriously she obviously has no idea what it takes to be in a home, I have never said that, nor say anything other than 'mind out, I need to move my car' since the daughter swearing in my face).
After today I've just given up. I've said my girls cannot play in the street anymore. She thinks this is ridiculous and i'm avoiding the problem (errr what problem? If it's my daughter DID raise a finger to yours then why are you surprised I am disciplining them).
Looking forward to moving. Sorry. So mad.

haveabreakhaveakitkat Sun 28-Jun-15 16:13:12

How old are they all? Are you supervising them at all?

I don't think you should stop them playing out. Maybe limit them to playing only in front of your house so you can see what's happening.

flora717 Sun 28-Jun-15 16:31:26

The eldest is 9, their youngest claims to be 9 but she has the height of a 5 year old (also she hasn't changed to the junior school uniform yet). I am usually in the street or my front garden. The family at the end of the road the parents are usually at work and the grandparents in the house.

flora717 Sun 28-Jun-15 16:32:39

As those limits (outside the house) have failed and this other parent isn't interesyed in a two way process I can only see limiti g my children's activity is the safe way to continue.

flora717 Sun 28-Jun-15 16:43:27

Ah. I see now why she's annoyed. The new neighbours were told by someone else in the street. 'Not everyone lets their children out, because of number x'. I guess she got wind of it.

sweetgrape Sun 28-Jun-15 16:58:52

This sounds very much like the situation in my DDs street. One problem family with a mother who refuses to stop her kids atrocious behaviour spoiling it for everyone else. The kids are vile to my DGD who gets on fine with the other kids. She's constantly running in telling me what so and so's done. The language from these kids is terrible and I hate her being exposed to it. It's hard, the problem lies entirely with the mother , <no father on the scene> who literally ignores all their nastiness, but what can you do when you're up against stupidity.

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