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to think i can't take much more

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PunkrockerGirl Sat 27-Jun-15 20:42:21

Came out of Morrisons this morning and found the passenger side of my car door completely bashed in. The damage is so bad that the passenger side doors won't open. Morrison's will take no responsibility and they do state that on a great big notice on their door. Police won't do anything (and I don't expect them to. There were no witnesses cctv etc).
This is on top of db being terminally ill and I can't take any more bad stuff.
I feel guilty about the car (which was in my care).
I feel guilty that I can't stop crying about everything. I want my db to live to see his children get married, hold his grandchildren but its never going to happen
I thought that losing both my parents to cancer, nearly losing my dh to it, both in-laws having it, maybe it was not my turn again. Obviously not.

RachieS1986 Sat 27-Jun-15 20:44:38

No wise words im afraid but hth and an unmumsnetty hug. You are having a truly awful time.

Moonraker37 Sat 27-Jun-15 20:46:26

That is shit. You poor thing. I'm sending a hug too.

elizadolittlechoc Sat 27-Jun-15 20:47:01

Sod the car. Don't think anything more about it. Just get it repaired -hope you can afford- and move on. Life's to short. flowers

Lovesyoungdreamers Sat 27-Jun-15 20:49:39

Yeah sod the car. Similar happened to me; no witnesses, nothing to be done. A very nice panelbeater got it back in working order for not too much money.

Some people are just crap. But most are lovely flowers

CoogerAndDark Sat 27-Jun-15 20:53:08

Oh lovey, some selfish twat really put the top hat on your day by driving off.

PunkrockerGirl Sat 27-Jun-15 21:25:22

Thanks guys. Feeling sad

paulapompom Sat 27-Jun-15 21:32:19

Whoever drove off is not a good person, if no one can sort it for you, accept that. You sound like a person who appreciates family and makes a close link with people, that is valuable. I m so sorry this happened to you, it's not fair, but know that you are a good person and caring sister xx

DrankSangriaInThePark Sat 27-Jun-15 21:39:24

thanks brew wine xx

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